27 Eco-Friendly, DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Best of 2015

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Best of 2015

Mother’s Day is May 14! Get a jump on your mother’s special day with these eco-friendly, DIY Mother’s Day gifts:

1. altered Altoid tinThis would make an excellent travel notepad for a purse or backpack.

2. bath saltsHomemade bath salts aren’t a great gift for me, because they just remind me that I have to clean the bathtub, but maybe there are mothers out there somewhere who aren’t haunted by the dirty bathtub. They’d like some homemade bath salts!

3. book page broochObviously Mom has to wear something special all day, or people won’t know that she’s a mother!

4. breakfast in bed trayNote to my family: this would make such a good Mother’s Day gift…

5. coloring book page banglesHere’s a great way to upcycle all of those cute coloring book page creations, although you’ll need a wooden bangle as the base.

6. embellished flower potYou do have to start with a terracotta pot, but afterwards, you or kiddos can paint it however you’d like.

7. embellished mugIt’s actually quite easy to find plain white ceramic mugs and tea cups at thrift stores.

8. footprint towelsThis would be just about the cutest gift that you could make for a new mom or grandma, although it wouldn’t be too useful, as there’s no way you could get them to actually use such sweet towels!

9. garden markersIf you’ve got a group of children all wanting to make Mother’s Day gifts, these garden markers are the way to go!

10. homemade clay handprints and footprintsMy pro tip for these? Make several at once. Even if you do the project perfectly, sometimes they simply crack in the oven, and the last thing that you want to do is start all over again.

11. Jar of LoveIt sounds sappy, but I can tell you that oh, my goodness, I would LOVE to get something like this from my children!

12. jewelry dishYou can also use homemade clay for this project.

13. lemon lavender soapThis soap looks WAY harder to make than it actually is.

14. Mason jar photo vaseI really like to upcycle spaghetti sauce jars for these. Depending on the brand that you buy, you can often still get jars with that awesome embossing on them.

15. mosaic stepping stoneHere’s a great handmade gift for a kid to make, with some help.

16. painted canThese look surprisingly sweet, considering how easy they are to make.

17. personalized pot holdersIt would be easy to sew the potholders to use for this project, and then let kiddos embellish them.

18. photo cubeHere’s another Mother’s Day gift that I would love to get–hint, hint!

19. plant flagI am a BIG fan of plants as Mother’s Day gifts–they would be extra special with this sweet flag in them!

20. pom pom flowersIf you can’t stand the sight of cut flowers that do nothing but die, then you’ll love making these pom pom flowers instead.

21. sewing spool flower bouquetThe tutorial calls for wooden spools, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use the empty plastic spools from sewing thread.

22. succulents in a vintage potHere’s what to do with that lovely vintage pot or colander that you thrifted so long ago.

Easy DIY Gifts: Teacup Crafts: How to Make a Teacup Candle23. tea cup candleIf the mom in your life has china, here’s my special secret tip for you: check ebay for her china pattern. I was able to find a few more tea cups in my grandma’s china pattern on ebay for pretty cheap, and I used those to make tea cup candles. I made them for myself, but still.

24. tea cup cardI love this handmade card, made in part from an upcycled egg carton, because it also includes a little present–a tea bag!

24. tile photo coastersHomemade coasters are SO easy–all you need are white tiles, which I can always find super cheap at my local Restore.

26. watercolor silk scarfSilk scarf painting is something that young and old can do. The results are lovely!

27. yarn-wrapped photo frameHere’s another cute gift that a kid could make independently.

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