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basic bubble recipe:Β The basic bubble solution recipe calls for distilled water, dish soap, and glycerin or corn syrup. This particular recipe tutorial also covers how to make those big bubble wands, crafted from sticks and strings, that allow you to make super-sized monster bubbles. If you don’t happen to have either glycerin or corn syrup, here’s a bubble solution recipe that uses sugar instead, and a bubble solution that uses cornstarch and baking powder.

baby bath bubble recipe:Β If your kiddos’ skin is too sensitive for dish soap, you can also make a great bubble solution using baby wash. This is a good choice to use with tiny kiddos, whose eyes will sting if they get conventional bubble solution in them.

bouncing bubble recipe:Β The bouncing bubbles recipe from Steve Spangler Science is pretty conventional, but the addition of science experimentation and a “How it Works” section adds extra oomph to the project. For another cool bubble-themed science project, check out this scientific comparison of homemade bubble recipes from In Lieu of Preschool.

scented bubble solution recipe from Almost Unschoolers
scented bubble solution recipe from Almost Unschoolers

scented bubbles recipe:Β For an extra sensory kick, this recipe from Almost Unschoolers uses the huge variety of commercial body washes available to make scented bubble solution. For another bubble project that’s part art, also check out these chalk bubbles, also from Almost Unschoolers.

tinted bubbles recipe:Β The color is mostly just to look pretty in a clear jar (or match party decor), but you CAN color your bubble solution with food coloring. Regular food coloring is probably fine, but if your kiddo is sensitive to artificial dyes you can use India Tree natural food coloring, instead. To make colored bubble prints, you need more food coloring or liquid watercolors–I’d suggest including that in the water measurement, so as not to dilute your solution.

party-sized bubble recipe:Β If you want enough bubble solution to power an entire party, don’t bother doing the conversions yourself–here’s a party-sized bubble solution recipe, one that calls for several gallons of distilled water and several cups of dish soap.

One of the fun things about homemade bubble recipes, though, is that everybody has their favorite. Share yours in the comments below!

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