Gibson Tuck: An Up-Do How-To

Gibson Tuck Tutorial

by Cadry Nelson

Gibson Tuck: An Up-Do How-To

Apparently August didn’t get the memo that summer is winding down. After a very mild July, the heat has turned up just at the time when kids are heading back to school and fall duties are ramping up. When your poolside ponytail just won’t cut it anymore, look no further than the Gibson tuck. It takes only seconds to do from start to finish, but it has a breezy style that can work for anything from a quick trip to the grocery store to a nice dinner in your favorite little black dress.

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If your hair is long enough for a ponytail, you can don the Gibson tuck. My hair is almost shoulder length, but it works with longer styles as well.

How to Create a Gibson Tuck


+ ponytail holder

+ bobby pins


1. Start by putting your hair in a ponytail. It can be high or low on the head depending on your preferences. Since I have shorter hair underneath, I keep the ponytail low to gather more of it together.

2. Then pull the hair band out just slightly from the head. Use your fingers to create a little pouch between the hair band and head, but don’t poke your fingers all the way through. You’re creating a sort of nest where the hair will sit.

3. Gather the hair in your ponytail together in a bunch or by twirling. If you prefer more body to your Gibson tuck, tease the ponytail hair a bit before bunching it together.

4. Tuck the ponytail hair into the pouch until the hair band is hidden. Use bobby pins to secure the hair band solidly against your head. Since I have shorter hair, this only requires one bobby pin. People with longer hair will need more for it to be properly secured.

5. Smooth the hair with a comb or brush for a finished look, or pull pieces away from your face for a beachy summer finish.

Gibson Tuck Tutorial

And that’s all there is to it – from just tumbled out of bed to finished look in a matter of seconds.

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