How to Make Mouthwash with Two Ingredients

How to Make Mouthwash with Only 2 Ingredients

How to Make Mouthwash with Only 2 Ingredients

Store-bought mouthwash often contains nasty chemical ingredients, and natural brands of mouthwash can be on the pricy side. Here’s how to make mouthwash with ingredients that you probably have in your house already.

Andrea at our sister site Green Living Ideas is a dynamo when it comes to creating recipes for DIY personal care products that really work. This woman knows her ingredients, and she only shares her most tried and true recipes. So when I saw that she was talking about how to make mouthwash, I knew that you guys would want her recipe too!

The recipe below is part of Andrea’s Homemade Living series at Green Living Ideas. You can find the other Homemade Living posts here.

So, what are the two magic ingredients? Hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. Well, and water. But does water really count as an ingredient?

Here’s Andrea’s recipe, via Green Living Ideas. I highly recommend checking out her post on homemade mouthwash if you want more information about how she chose the ingredients that would work best.

How to Make Mouthwash


– food-grade hydrogen peroxide, 3% dilution (Andrea recommends this brand)
– essential oils (peppermint, clove, tea tree or a combination of all these)
– filtered water
– glass jar or bottle for storage – check out our post on how to prep a reclaimed glass jar forthis recipe


1. For an 8oz jar/bottle, mix together 2 Tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, a few drops of each oil, and fill up the container with water. Shake well; essential oils will not dissolve in water, so be sure to shake each time.

2. Swish a bit in your mouth to make sure it’s minty/herbal, but not too much. It shouldn’t sting or burn. If it tastes good, you’re done. If you’d like it a bit stronger, add a few more drops of essential oils.

3. Store on the counter and rinse first thing each morning, and again before brushing at bedtime.

4. Smile!

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