Holiday Crafts: Green Holiday Craft Ideas for All Year Round

When we think about handmade holidays, we usually focus on the gift-giving holidays, but there are handmade ways to celebrate basically any holiday, year-round. Let’s make every holiday a handmade holiday with these upcycled, recycled, and green holiday crafts!

Valentine’s Day Crafts (February 14)

10 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas that Don't Look Last-Minute

Need a last-minute gift? Here are 10 ideas for last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t look last-minute.

21 DIY Men's Valentine's Day Gifts

Guys can be tough to craft for, so we have 21 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

Valentines Day Ideas: Heart Crafts

Skip that party store and deck your walls with sweet, upcycled, DIY Valentine’s Day decorations instead!

20 Different Class Valentines that Kids can Make

Class Valentines don’t have to cost a lot or be wasteful. Check out these cute class Valentines that your kids can help make.

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts (March 17)

25 Recycled St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas

Go green with these 25 awesome DIY St. Patrick’s Day ideas!

Easter Crafts (March Equinox)

The Eco-Friendly Easter Basket: Tips for a Sustainable Easter Morning

Put together an eco-friendly Easter basket for your little ones.

DIY Natural Egg Dye Ideas

Try one of these natural egg dye techniques.

7 Egg-Free Easter Crafts (vegan and allergy-friendly)

If you don’t do eggs, we have you covered with egg-free Easter crafts so vegan kids and kids with egg allergies don’t have to feel left out.

Earth Day Crafts (April 22)

earth day crafts

Earth Day crafts don’t have to be labor-intensive. We’ve got lots of easy, recycled crafts for your Earth Day making.


Mother’s Day Crafts (second Sunday in May)

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Warm your mom’s heart with a jar full of love!

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Potted plants are much greener than cut flowers. Make one special with a sweet, handmade plant flag, just for mom.

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Surprise your mama with a cute, handmade Mother’s Day brooch that she can wear proudly all day long.

Father’s Day Crafts (third Sunday in June)

30 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

We’ve got Father’s Day covered with this mega-roundup of 30 DIY ideas for Father’s Day!

July 4th Crafts (+ other red, white, and blue holiday crafts)

4th of July Crafts

Decorate in red, white, and blue! These 4th of July crafts would work well for any of the other patriotic holidays, like Memorial Day or Flag Day.

Green Halloween (October 31)

30 Halloween Party Ideas

Planning a Halloween party? Here are 30 spooky DIY Halloween ideas that cost and waste less than hitting the party store.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Still looking for a costume? Here are a few recycled Halloween costumes to get your creativity flowing.

Thanksgiving Crafts (fourth Thursday in November)

Thanksgiving Crafts

Take a nature walk to collect all you need for some super sweet DIY Thanksgiving decorations.

Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving

Are you super into pumpkins this fall? They’re not just for Halloween! Incorporate those lovely gourds into your Thanksgiving festivities with these pumpkin crafts for Thanksgiving!

Hanukkah and Christmas Crafts (December 25)

DIY Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Here’s a list of DIY holiday gifts for everyone on your to-make-for list!

9 DIY Last-Minute Christmas Gifts to Make this Weekend
Don’t worry, these all work for Hanukkah, too!

Need some last-minute gift ideas? Here are 9 of our favorite DIY holiday gifts!

9 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Less Holiday Waste

Skip the wasteful rolls of gift wrap and try these DIY gift wrap ideas instead.

10 Wrapping Paper Crafts to Reuse Holiday Gift Wrap

Of course, someone is definitely going to give you at least one gift in traditional wrapping paper. Here are some wrapping paper crafts to keep it out of the recycle bin.

Holiday Crafts: 10 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your tree in handmade style with these DIY ornament ideas.

New Year’s Crafts (December 31)

DIY New Year's Eve Crafts

This DIY New Year’s Eve craft idea does double duty: it’s a party decoration and a great reminder of what you resolved to accomplish this year.

DIY New Year's Eve Decoration Idea

Turn old Christmas cards into bunting for your New Year’s Eve party!

DIY New Year's Crafts

Upcycle an old picture frame into a goal board for the new year.

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