21 DIY Men’s Valentine’s Day Gifts

21 DIY Men's Valentine's Day GiftsNeed some ideas for DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gifts? We’ve got a whole slew of them!

I love making gifts by hand, but when it comes to DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gifts, I sometimes draw a blank. Even after over a decade together, I have a tough time finding that balance between sweet-lovey-dovey and practical when it comes to gifts for him. I have a feeling that I’m not alone here, so I’ve rounded up a ton of DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gifts for you to choose from!

DIYI Valentine's Day Gifts: Bath Salts

1. Homemade Manly Bath Salts – Soothing, earthy bath salts are perfect for a stressed-out fella.

2. Soothing Buckwheat Eye Pillow – These eye pillows would make a great gift to go with those bath salts!

3. Upcycled Neck Warmer – Does your guy have a long commute on foot? Keep him warm!

4. Etched Mustache Glasses – Thrifted glasses get a little personalization!

5. Fallen Branch Slingshot – Is your guy a kid at heart?

6. Homemade Sugar Scrub – Check out the Kahlua sugar scrub!

7. Hand Drawn Mug – Use a thrift store mug!

8.Β DIY Kitchen Herb Garden – Is he a cook or a gardener? Give him a mini garden planted in reclaimed tin cans.

9. Homemade Kahlua – If your guy is into cocktails, make him a craft liqueur!

10. Hand-Mixed Chai Tea – Is he more a tea-drinker than a boozer? A custom tea blend is the perfect DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gift.

Plum Basil Tequila

11. Plum-Basil Tequila – His margaritas will be more special than ever. Include a hand-written tag with the Plum Tuckered Margarita recipe!

12. Mason Jar Koozie – Make this a vegan project by making a thick fabric strap in place of the leather strip.

13. Bike Handlebar Bag – Any bike commuter would love this simple solution for stashing pocket items while he’s pedaling.

14. Paperback Wallet – Did his favorite book bite the dust? Gift him with a wallet made from the cover, so he can always have part of it with him.

15. Rustic Pencil Holder – A great gift for an artist who needs a little help with tool-wrangling.

16. Burlap Wine or Booze Bag – Get him a bottle of his favorite wine, a bomber of fancy organic beer, or his favorite spirits, and package it in eco-friendly burlap.

17. Luggage Strap Cover – Does he travel a lot? This little cover makes his bag stand out at the luggage carousel and is a perfect stash-buster for your fabric scraps.

18. Photo Coasters –Β  Use tiles from the restore or that you have in the garage from an old home improvement project.

19. Upcycled Kindle Case – Keep his favorite gadgets safe!

20. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser –Β  Instead of buying a new bottle of soap, you can save the nozzle from one of your own when it runs out or order a nozzle on its own.

21. Dino Jars – Grab some reclaimed glass jars and thrift store plastic toys to make these sweet upcycled storage jars.

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