23 Valentine’s Day Ideas: Sweet Heart Decor

Valentine's Day Ideas: Heart Crafts

Need some handmade Valentine’s Day ideas? We’ve got you covered with this ultimate list of lovey-dovey DIY goodness!

  1. DIY Dessert Topper – Are you making a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day? Top it off with these cute little paper hearts.
  2. Paper Garland – Got an old map in your stash of reclaimed paper? Try this Valentine’s Day idea!
  3. Heart Streamers – Collect a pretty fallen branch and take that heat decor vertical!
  4. Ribbon Garland –Β  Use scrap ribbon to make this pretty take on heart garland.
  5. Fabric Garland – So, a lot of these Valentine’s Day ideas are garland, because I love a pretty garland! Use recycled felt and fabric scraps to make this project as eco-friendly as it is sweet!
  6. Cinnamon Applesauce Hearts – These dough hearts look beautiful and smell even better.
  7. DIY String Heart – Choose reclaimed wood and organic hemp twine to make this a fully recycled Valentines Day idea!
  8. Luminaries – Turn old glass jars into romantic heart luminaries.
  9. Heart Blanket – There are so many Valentine’s Day ideas that you could make with this simple stamp! Snuggle up with your sweetie under a heart-stamped blanket. You could also stamp a plain thrifted table cloth or cloth napkins if you’re cooking up a Valentine’s Day meal.
  10. Luminaries, take 2 – When it comes to unique Valentine’s Day ideas, you can get very creative with your luminaries.
  11. Heart Wall Lamp –Β  Use painted reclaimed cardboard instead of foam board and choose LED lights.
  12. Origami Heart –Β  Choose reclaimed paper, like junk mail, for this hidden message craft!
  13. Painted Newspaper Hearts –Β  String them up on twine with clothes pins for another cute garland.
  14. Felt Heart and Twine Jar – Use these Valentines Day ideas as vases, luminaries, or to hold your silverware and napkins for a romantic supper.
  15. Book Page Bunting – You know you love bunting as much as I do!
  16. Love Tree –Β  Use reclaimed paper for the ornaments on this sweet decoration.
  17. Burlap Garland – Stamped burlap is another garland option that you can add to your list of Valentine’s Day ideas.
  18. Heart Cone Tree –Β  Are you sick of me saying to use reclaimed paper yet?
  19. DIY Heart Art – This is another fun take on string art. You could use ribbon scraps or skinny fabric scraps toΒ  make these.
  20. Wine Cork Heart – Start saving those corks now – and maybe ask some friends to save more for you – so you can create this pretty piece of heart decor on Valentine’s Day!
  21. 3D Heart – Even your kids can help out with some of these Valentine’s Day ideas!
  22. Glitter Votives – Nothing says love like reclaimed jars covered in GLITTER!
  23. Punched Paper Heart Streamers – You can use book pages, sheet music, or any reclaimed paper in your stash to make these sweet Valentine’s Day ideas.

Do you have any sweet heart decor in the works for Valentine’s Day? Tell us your Valentine’s Day ideas in the comments!

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