New Years Goal Board

DIY New Year's Crafts

New Years Goal Board

I decided to create a New Years goal board so that I can visualize and remember all of my goals for the New Year!

What You Will Need:

1. A large picture frame. I used a antique frame that I got at a garage sale.

2. Wire. Anything sturdy that you have on-hand will work: plant wire, chicken wire, picture wire, etc.

3. Heavy duty stapler or other medium to attach your wire.

4. Clothespins

5. Junk mail envelopes

How To Do It:

1. Attach your wire to the back of your frame using your stapler.

2. Cut up your junk mail envelopes into small rectangles. Then, write your goals for the New Year on each note.

New Years Goal Board

3. With your clothespins, hang your goals on your board. If you want to dress up your clothespins consider checking out these posts:

New Years Goal Board

I love how I can visualize each goal that I have for the year. I can’t wait to take them off the board one-by-one! What goals would you put on your board? Share your goals with me!

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