10 DIY Christmas Ornaments: More Love, Less Stuff

10 DIY Christmas Ornaments: More Love, Less Stuff

10 DIY Christmas Ornaments: More Love, Less Stuff

Deck your tree with some super fun DIY Christmas Ornaments instead of buying new this year. You can save some money and reduce your holiday waste!

This post is part of Important Media’s “More Love, Less Stuff” holiday event. This year, we want to talk about redefining holiday traditions to waste less and focus more on fun, friends, and family. Instead of creating more holiday waste, for example, what if we skipped the big box store and covered our trees in DIY Christmas ornaments?

My tree at home is covered in DIY Christmas ornaments, and I love them so much more than store-bought ones. Every year, we have a tree trimming party, and I raid my recycled bin and crafty stash to set up an ornament-making table. It’s so much fun to trim the tree with memories from parties past. In case you want to start your own DIY ornament tradition, I’ve rounded up some of our best ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments to help cut holiday waste without cutting back on the holiday fun.

10 DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments from Your Recycle Bin

1. Filled Glass Ornaments – Bust your stash! Julie has all kinds of ideas for how to fill glass ornaments with recycled materials.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Fabric Scrap Pom Pom

2. Scrappy Pom Pom – Turn scrap fabric, ribbon, and yarn into festive pom pom ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Button Wreath

3. Button Wreath – Dig into your vintage button collection and snag some recycle bin cardboard to make these pretty little DIY Christmas ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Burlap Ornament Ball

4. Burlap Ornaments – Turn an old coffee sack into festive 3D ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Embroidery Hoop Holly

5. Embroidery Hoop – Got a little embroidery hoop lying around? Turn it into a sweet holly ornament.


6. Vintage Brooch Ornament – Give a gaudy old brooch a glittery facelift and transform it into a beautiful DIY Christmas ornament.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: CD Mosaic

7. CD Mosaic – Are you digitizing your CD and DVD collection like my husband and I are? Don’t toss those old CDs. Use them to create DIY Christmas ornaments with a cool disco ball feel.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Recycled Beaded Hangers

8. Beaded Ornament Hangers – Are you sick of looking for those silly little metal ornament hooks? Kick ’em to the curb and turn some old jewelry into pretty DIY Christmas ornament hangers that you’ll never lose.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Ice Ornaments

9. Outdoor Ice Ornaments – Why does the indoor tree get all of the ornament love? Decorate some evergreens outside with these cool kid-made ice ornaments.

10 DIY Christmas Ornaments

10. Scrabble Ornament – Did you lose some Scrabble letters? Grab some of the leftover pieces and turn them into a cute ornament for your tree.

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