7 Thanksgiving Crafts You Can Make out of Natural Materials

Thanksgiving Crafts

Which do you prefer: crafting with recycled materials or crafting with natural materials? Either way, there are tons of Thanksgiving crafts out there for you.

If anything, Thanksgiving is made for you nature crafters out there. You have all of autumn’s harvest to work with. Things like pumpkins, squashes, gourds, fall leaves, acorns, walnut shells, you name it. While recycling crafters are painstakingly cutting leaves out of cereal boxes to make a door wreath, you’re busy hot gluing on real leaves, and then you’re done!

When you’re ready to give the hot glue gun a break for a few minutes, check out these Thanksgiving crafts that use natural materials for even more inspiration.

7 Natural Thanksgiving Crafts

1. Pick up a nice, branching stick from your yard, paint it a jaunty color to make your project look a little less preschool, then write what you’re thankful for on paper tags and hang it from this thankful tree.

2. Even if you haven’t yet tried wet felting, you can get the same look by gluing pom-poms into your harvested acorn caps to make pom-pom acorns.

3. Even the most delicate harvests of the season, when pressed into plaster of Paris, will last forever as a seasonal autumn plaque.

4. A harvest garland is beautiful and, if you don’t leave it up long enough to get dusty, it’s also edible!

5. If you don’t want to hang a garland made of food in your house, consider a leaf garland. Decorating the leaves with metallic paint adds impact to their delicate beauty, and can also be used to write guests’ names, or as a thankfulness activity.

6. For an educational centerpiece, craft a walnut shell Mayflower to sail down your Thanksgiving table.

7. To make a quick (and recyclable) table runner or placemats, whip out your crayons and create some leaf rubbing murals.

Want to add your own Thanksgiving crafts that use recycled materials? Link it up in the comments section below!

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