Mother’s Day Crafts: Make a “Jar of Love” for Mom!

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Best of 2015

Mother's Day Crafts: Make a "Jar of Love" for Mom!Searching for DIY Mother’s Day crafts? Make her a meaningful “jar of love” gift!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away! If you’re scrambling for a DIY gift idea, we totally have you covered. I feel like moms need more reminders that they are loved and appreciated, especially on the days when our actions are far from showing it. I decided to create a jar full of lovely reminders that she can read daily for encouragement! It’s so easy to do and is such a personal gift for your special mom!

What You Will Need:

1. A recycled jar

2. Recycled paper like junk mail envelopes, sheet music, or book pages.

3. Tape

4. Crayons and other items to decorate your jar

5. Scissors

6. A ruler

How To Do It:

1. Clean your jar. If your label is stubborn, check out our tutorial: How to Remove Labels from Glass Jars.

2. Measure the height of your jar and determine the size of your new “label.”

3. Create a new label with your recycled paper. Then, decorate it! I colored mine yellow and then wrote “365 reasons that I love you as my Mom!” I chose the number 365 for every day of the year.

4. Tape the label on your recycled jar.

5. Cut out 365 small pieces of paper.

6. Write down 365 things that you love about your mom! Think about the little things that set your mom apart from the rest!

What DIY Mother’s Day crafts are you making for your mom this year? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

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