5 Halloween Costume Ideas Using Recycled Materials

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Cardboard Robot
Besides candy, my favorite thing about Halloween is creating fun and interesting costumes with recycled materials. The challenge of turning junk into a one-of-a-kind costume is one of the things that makes this holiday so much fun. Here are five eco-friendly costumes you can make or to get your creative juices flowing!


1. Lego Costume

Over on Instructables, there is a great tutorial showing you how to make a Lego costume. It would be simple to make this for a child too!

[image by s.o.f.t. via Flickr Creative Commons]

Malaysian Bat

2. Bat Costume

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories shows us how to make a bat costume. They also have instructions for a unique crocodile costume that I couldn’t resist posting!

[image by littleREDelf via Flickr Creative Commons]

Robot Beach

3. Cardboard Robot Halloween Costume

Robot costumes are an easy way to use an old cardboard box and Team Droid gives a great overview of making one. I love the use of dryer hose for the arms. This is a great jumping off point to let your imagination run wild!

[image by AndyWilson via Flickr Creative Commons]

Fabric Scraps

4. Scrappy Owl Costume

Alphamom shows us how to make the cutest owl costume from recycled fabric scraps. Translating this into an adult costume would be a breeze.

[image by jek in the box via Flickr Creative Commons]

Gold Crown

5. Lace Crowns for Lots of Halloween Costume Ideas

Finally, these gilded lace crowns from Bitter Betty would be the perfect final touch to a princess costume.

I would love to hear what Halloween costumes you’re making this year. Feel free to leave links and ideas in the comments section.

[gold crown image by leadenhall via Flickr Creative Commons, Cardboard robot image by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid via Flickr Creative Commons]

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