How To: A “Happy New Year” Banner from Old Christmas Cards

DIY New Year banner

All of our Christmas decorations are put away, but this stack of Christmas cards stayed on our counter. I always feel guilty about throwing them away–especially the personal, handwritten ones. However, with New Years Eve in mind, I came up with a way to reuse those old Christmas cards! Many New Years Eve parties have banners and lots of fun decorations, but are far from eco-friendly! What is the solution? Use your old Christmas cards to make a fun and unique banner for New Years Eve!Β The concept of a banner like this is obviously not my original idea– there are many awesome banners out there likeΒ this one from Momtastic, but this is my adaptation of it using Christmas cards!

DIY New Year banner

What You Will Need:

1. Christmas Cards.

2. Scissors.

3. Hot glue/hot glue gun (you may use Elmer’s glue or Eco Glue if you’d like– I used hot glue because it dries faster)

4. Twine. If you can, use hemp twine— it’s more eco-friendly!

5. Ruler.

How To Do It:

1. I wanted to make the background color of my banner white, so I set aside cards that had white on the inside. Then, using a ruler, I drew triangles on the white part of the cards. I also added a little box to the top of the triangle– this will eventually fold over and hold your twine. I didn’t make all of my triangles the same because I wanted it to be a whimsical banner.

DIY New Year banner

2. Cut out your triangles.

3. With your colorful Christmas cards, write and cut out letters to spell “Happy New Year.” I also did circles in between each word. Again, I didn’t make the letters perfect– just have fun with it! If you have children, this could also be an opportunity for them to learn more about letters/spelling.

DIY New Year banner

4. Hot glue your letters to your white triangles.

5. Fold the box that’s at the top of your triangle in half like so:

DIY New Year banner

Essentially what you will do is hot glue your twine in between the two halves of the “box.” This is similar to the method we used in the How To: Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Lights post, so please refer to step 6 of that post if you have any questions. Once it’s all glued, it should look like this from the back:

DIY New Year banner

Once you’ve glued all of the triangles on your twine, you’re done! All that is left to do is hang it up so all of your New Year’s Eve guests can see it!

DIY New Year banner

DIY New Year banner

DIY New Year banner

Not only is the banner adorable, but it’s eco-friendly as well! Plus, it’s always fun to share with your guests how you handmade your New Year’s decorations, right?

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