Holiday Crafts: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Crafts

Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving

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Didn’t quite get around to carving that Jack-o-lantern?

Us, either! What with all the costume creating, haunted house visiting, mummy dog baking, and spooky party attending, we just ran out of time!

Fortunately, there are still TONS of fun Thanksgiving pumpkin crafts that will pacify a carve-happy kid and work for Thanksgiving decorating, helping you avoid Halloween waste.

Because you know it’s time to start decorating for Thanksgiving, right?


Doily-covered pumpkins require just some liquid starch and your own doilies that won’t be damaged and can be re-used, so there’s very little waste involving that leftover Halloween pumpkin.

Decoupaged pumpkins are generally intended for those fake pumpkins that you can buy at craft stores, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work for a real pumpkin, too. If you try it out, tell me! And for bonus points, decoupage your pumpkins with recycled paper, of course.

Chalkboard-painted pumpkins also work with real pumpkins–just don’t skimp on the really great primer.

Partly-painted pumpkins work with any colorway that you’d like, and since you’re leaving part of the pumpkin unpainted, you still get that autumn look that you want for Thanksgiving.

Paint pen-painted pumpkins save you from even having to get the paintbrushes out. If you’ve got white pumpkins, especially, then you can definitely make color choices that won’t remind anyone of Halloween.

Pumpkin soup bowls let you skip out on the decorating altogether, and save yourself from a few more dirty dishes! Although the recipe calls for pie pumpkins, I have often roasted Jack-o-lantern and mini pumpkins, and they do just fine. But if you really want to carve something, then make this large pumpkin tureen instead.

Thankful pumpkins require only a Sharpie, and they make a great party craft or kid’s craft.

Mini pumpkin place cards are easy, elegant, and perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

Pumpkin votives, on the other hand, are what you’ll use for your centerpiece!

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Written by Julie Finn

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