30 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

30 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

30 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas!Make your dad a gift he will remember and cherish for years to come! Here are 30 incredible DIY Father’s Day gift ideas to get you inspired!

Can you believe that Father’s Day is next weekend? Yes, next weekend, friends. It’s easy to run into the nearest big box store to buy a gift, but let’s be honest — will your dad even remember that gift next year? (Not to mention the impact of buying new!) Instead, create a heartfelt and thoughtful gift that he will love year after year!

Below are 30 super cool DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will love:

1. DIY recycled “coupon book”

2. Repurposed cabinet door for dad

3. Vintage button tie tack

4. Create a BBQ apron for dad (use an eco-friendly fabric to make this project even more green)

5. Eco-friendly Father’s Day tie pot

6. DIY Bay Rum aftershave

7. Tool box gift card holder

8. Stamped spoon key ring

9. Make a custom necktie applique

10. Father’s Day tie windsock

11. DIY recycled felt koozie for dad

12. Monogram painted hammer

13. Create a business card holder from an Altoids tin

14. DIY Lego cufflinks

15. Make a record album cover bookmark

16. DIY tray from recycled materials

17. How to freezer paper stencil a necktie

18. Upcycled jean cozy for dad

19. Make an upcycled gadget case

20. DIY manly sugar scrub

21. Make a hanging necktie scissor or tool holder

22. Create a masculine ring and watch frame

23.Beer coasters

24. DIY mosaic stepping stone

25. Father’s Day trophy from recycled materials (instead of the noodles, use broken and recycled jewelry or even fabric scraps!)

26. DIY vintage record clock

27. Make comic book bookmarks

28. DIY shaving cream

29. Wooden bungee organizer (use reclaimed wood, if you can)

30. DIY button bow tie (use vintage buttons or make your own buttons out of recycled materials)

What will you make for your dad this year?

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