24 Recycled Valentine’s Day Crafts

24 Recycled Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day isn’t actually a holiday invented by greeting companies (hint: it’s quite possibly a pagan fertility festival!), and the greeting card companies don’t have to rule over it, either, not when you’re so crafty!

24 Recycled Valentine’s Day Crafts

There are loads of beautiful, unique recycled Valentine’s Day crafts that you can make, from decorations to valentines to sweet gifts, that will make this holiday special. So check out the list below, dig through your recycling bin, and get to work–you have a Valentine to woo!

24 Recycled Valentine’s Day Crafts

1. aluminum can heart earringsEarrings like these make a quick and easy gift for a loved one. Just make sure to sand all edges well–aluminum can be sharp!

2. baby food jar Valentine-themed storageThese upcycled jars can store little treats, baking supplies, or Valentine’s Day craft materials. Also, they’re heart-themed!

3. button heart hair pinDress up a little for Valentine’s Day!

4. candy box chalkboardUse last year’s candy box for this year’s candy, and add a special message.

5. crayon heart ValentinesWe have absolutely made these class Valentines before, and so I can guarantee you that they’re great!

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts6. “Cute as a Button” ValentineUse up some of your button stash with these cute class Valentines.

7. deck of cards bookAre there 52 reasons why you love someone special? Let them know with this book made from an old deck of cards.

8. heart-shaped dessert toppersThese little dessert toppers would be a cute addition to a class party.

9. heart streamersStreamers are always good party decorations, and these upcycled heart streamers are super festive!

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts10. manila folder ValentineWho uses actual paper files anymore? Upcycle all those old file folders into these beautiful Valentines.

11. monster mailboxWhat’s better than a Valentine mailbox? A Valentine mailbox that looks like a MONSTER!

12. newspaper ValentinesFor some reason, newspaper takes watercolor like a champ, making these painted newspaper hearts absolutely gorgeous Valentines.

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts13. oatmeal container gift boxPut your special Valentine’s Day gift in a gift box that’s just as special.

14. paper strip heartsThink outside the box with these hearts–wouldn’t glossy magazine pages be so pretty?

15. picture frame wreathPut a special message into this Valentine wreath, made from an old picture frame.

16. Priority Mail envelope pop-up cardAre you late in taking out all of your Christmas trash? Then you’re in luck, since you can upcycle some of your holiday mail into this holiday card!

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts17. puzzle piece ValentineThis kid-made Valentine upcycles an old puzzle, and make the perfect Valentine for best friends.

18. recycled wreathDoes your door look lonely after winter? Make this wreath just for Valentine’s Day!

19. sewn ValentinesYou can use a wide variety of materials for the hearts–it’s the simple stitching that makes these Valentines really special.

20. shampoo bottle door hanger mailboxDoes your family like to exchange Valentines? If so, these door hangers are perfect for bedroom doors–and they’re upcycled from shampoo bottles!

21. sweatshirt refashionFreezer paper stenciling is my favorite way to rescue a stained shirt, and I love using it to make a holiday-themed shirt for a kid.

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts22. toilet paper roll ValentineThis Valentine makes a great container for a small toy or treat, as well.

23. Valentine mailboxThis class Valentine mailbox upcycles old cereal boxes, but my favorite thing about it? It looks like a real mailbox!

24. “You Hold the Key to My Heart” artHere’s an easy, upcycled decor piece that you can leave up all year.

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