How to Make Chalkboard Art from an Old Candy Box

How to Make Chalkboard Art from an Old Candy Box

Make unique chalkboard art by recycling old candy boxes from Valentine’s Day!

Two years ago, I shared a fun post on how to upcycle your chocolate boxes from Valentine’s Day into wall art. Ever since then, my thoughtful and awesome friends save their candy boxes for me. It’s sweet that they love my crafts that much, but it causes me to have a crazy amount of candy boxes in my craft stash. As I racked my brain on how to reuse them, it hit me– my faithful friend, Mr. Chalkboard Paint, is always here to help! Now I have rad chalkboard art pieces that I can use throughout my home. Here’s how you can make your own, too!

What You Will Need:

1. Old candy boxes

How to Make Chalkboard Art from an Old Candy Box

2. Chalkboard paint

3. Primer (optional)

How To Do It:

1. Take apart your candy boxes. You should probably also wipe them down in case you have any candy residue left inside.

2. I would recommend priming the outside of the candy boxes first. I did not do this step, and found that the writing/designs on the boxes kept bleeding through.Β I had to do a lot of coats of chalkboard paint (therefore wasting my beloved craft supply). So, prime first, if you can!

3. Chalkboard paint your candy boxes!

How to Make Chalkboard Art from an Old Candy Box

4. Follow the directions on your chalkboard paint as far as how many coats to do and the cure time. Most chalkboard paints require a 24 hour cure time, so make sure you keep that in mind. They also recommend that you completely cover the surface with chalk once it is cured and then you can write on it.

Now you can hang them up on the wall in a collage, put one on your mantle, or use them to leave your spouse little love notes around your home. There are so many possibilities!

What would you do with your chalkboard art? Leave your ideas below!

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