Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Eater Basket by FisheyeA traditional Easter requires quite a bit of wasteful accoutrement. If you are trying to go green, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Maybe you’re already making preparations to color eggs with natural dyes, or even sprouting your own wheat berry grass for baskets instead of buying the plastic stuff.

You’re under intense pressure to find that perfect organic chocolate bunny. I could not, with a straight face, suggest that you attempt to weave baskets yourself when there exists such cute alternatives by a talented, green-minded crafter. Fisheye creates items using recycled and repurposed materials, including the Easter bag pictured above.

Angelas World BunnyIf you are looking for some thoughtful treasures to tuck inside, check out these eco-friendly Etsy toy shops:

Angela’s World – Adorable plushies and pouches. Uses felt made of 100% recycled plastic bottles for her stuffed rabbits (pictured here), and donates 20% of profits to charity.

Fantastic Toys – Painfully cute doll houses and more for you to download, print, and fold.

Mermaid Sparkle – “Gourmet” play food made from wool felt.

Ivy Lane Designs – Upcycled notebooks and crayon sets

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