Pizza Box + Plastic Easter Eggs = ?

plastic easter eggsI grew up thinking of plastic easter eggs as fun and harmless. They don’t wear out, so you can keep using them for years. They also come in handy if you need an impromptu set of maracas.

After seeing bags and bags of them at thrift stores, though, I realized that not everyone holds on to them forever. (Come to think of it, I’m not sure where my childhood set went. Note to self: interrogate mother about how she disposed of eggs.)

So if you’re not going to continue using them for festive holiday celebrations, or if you’ve found a stash that’s begging for re-use, what can you do? As we’ve seen, Kelly’s using hers to organize craft supplies. Autumn found a tutorial on felting wool eggs using the plastic ones as a base.

Now it’s my turn. I’ll pose it as a riddle. What do you get when you combine a pizza box and a few dozen plastic easter eggs?

This wreath. (You may have to scroll to the right to see the image.) With a bunch of easter eggs bought for $1 at a thrift store, crafter Oddie put together quite a spring wreath that’s keeping a number of easter eggs out of a landfill.

The color scheme might not be to your taste, but consider the possibilities with a little non-toxic paint. You can also use glue and scrap paper or other notions to decorate your eggs. I’m seeing a Halloween wreath of black and orange eggs, accented with green easter grass?

[Photo by She’s Not Ther.]

Written by Skye Kilaen

Skye Kilaen began sewing at an early age and eco-rabble-rousing shortly after that. Many years later, someone finally told her that there are books about how to make quilts. Life was never the same. In fact, she spent more on her sewing machine than her car. Bringing her green and crafty passions back together, Skye is now happily discovering ways to create beautiful and useful objects using thrifted and sustainable materials. No, that's not just an excuse to visit Goodwill more often. Honest.

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