DIY Holiday Gift Wrap tote tote

This year I got a little creative and green with my gift-wrap ideas. Digging through my recycling pile I found many items that could easily stand in for the traditional store-bought supplies. Using alternative gift-wrap is great for the environment, super thrifty, and clever. Here are a few simple ideas you can try out this holiday season and year round:

– Use cardboard cereal boxes to package t-shirts, scarves, and gloves.
– Smaller cardboard food boxes are great for holding gifts like watches, jewelry, and wallets.
– Plastic grocery bags are a great substitute for tissue paper or foam peanuts.
– There are so many things you can use in place of wrapping paper. I especially love using colorful magazine pages, but you can also use newspaper, butcher paper, and paper grocery bags.

Another great idea is to create gift bags using reusable grocery and shopping totes. Shops like Envirosax and Reusable Bags carry a large selection of bags that are colorful, recycled, and affordable. You can also stop by your local grocery and craft stores to pick up simple canvas totes.

Here’s more great discussion on having a greener holiday!

[Images courtesy of Envirosax and Reusable Bags]

Written by Melissa Stajda

My name is Melissa Stajda, and I write this here blog. I'm also the owner of the earth-friendly indie-friendly online shop The Stanley Family Lodge, a freelance blogger, and new mother. I enjoy living a greener life, cooking vegan, home-making, sewing, painting, and dabbling in just about everything under the sun.


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