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Missing some pieces of your jigsaw puzzle, but still have a few mitchy-matchy ones? Your kiddos can create one handmade Valentine from just two perfectly fitting jigsaw pieces. Give them most of a box, and they can make all the Valentines for their class party. It’s a fun upcycling project that won’t cost you a cent. Yay for an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day!

Here’s how:

puzzle piece Valentine
The puzzle piece Valentine can be taken apart and put back together again.

Big or small, edge or middle, this project relies on two linking puzzle pieces. Have your kiddos sort the remaining pieces from an incomplete jigsaw puzzle into linking pairs (save other orphaned puzzle pieces for more crafty upcycling projects!), then let them paint each pair a fun background color. My kiddos chose every color from red to green to black, and made themselves a glorious happy mess while they did so.

painting the puzzle Valentines
Paint a heart across the join between the two puzzle pieces.

Set the pairs aside to dry, taking apart the pieces first so that they won’t adhere to each other.

When the puzzle pieces are dry, fit them together again and show the kiddos how to paint a single heart onto the middle of the pairs, so that approximately half the heart rests on each piece. The kiddos can continue to decorate the pieces as they wish, with glitter and stickers and the other gaudy accouterments of kid-made greeting cards.

Once again, separate the pieces and let them dry. When everything is dry and set, the heart puzzle will be able to be taken apart and put together again. The kiddos can use the back side of their Valentines to write their name and some sort of horrible, punny Valentine greeting.

May I suggest “I love you to pieces?” Okay, I’m going to go vomit now.

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Written by Julie Finn

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