Plastic Egg: It’s Not What’s for Dinner

In keeping with this week’s theme of what to do with those pesky plastic eggs, I set out to find a worthy project. My enthusiasm was curbed when I came across reports of lead being found in these things.

At the risk of being the antagonist, telling you what not to do with them seems reasonable, albeit not crafty. At least I get to make a bullet list…

  • Don’t recycle them. Generally, you can’t.
  • Don’t let your kids play with them.
  • Don’t let your dog chew on them.
  • Don’t reuse them for food items
  • Don’t melt them.
  • Don’t purchase them anymore!

You didn’t think I would wax poetic and leave you hanging right? They may not be destined for the landfill just yet. Try this cool tutorial on Resurrection Fern that uses them as a form for welt felting reusable wool eggs. You could also felt them shut if they are for decoration.

In the interest of convenience, and being realistic, one can only hope that an alternative to petro-based plastic eggs is on the horizon. Compostable corn plastic wouldn’t be a far stretch. That is, if ethanol demand doesn’t further drive up the cost of corn.

Rethink your level of involvement in today’s industrially-driven interpretation of the holidays. The only way to get mass-produced junk off the shelves is to stop buying it. We don’t have the resources to keep making it the same way for much longer anyways.

That said, stay tuned for my Cinco de Mayo post. I can’t wait to polish off a bottle of tequila, and show you how to turn it into a decorative planter!

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