Valentines Day Card from an Old Manila Folder

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts

Bunting Valentines Day Card Made from a Manila Folder

Got some old folders in your stash? You can use them to make a sweet Valentines Day card!

You’d think that the inspiration for the Valentines Day card would be…you know…Valentines Day. But it kind of wasn’t. I did need to make a card for my husband, but what spurred me to hit my craft stash was finding this new-to-me non-toxic glue for paper crafting called Nori Paste.

Nori Paste Mini-Review

I tried to find an ingredients list for this Japanese paper glue, but none of my digging turned anything up. You can see right on the label, though, that it’s certified non-toxic and acid free, so it looks like a great eco-friendly glue for paper crafting, even scrap booking!

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To make my Valentines Day card, I used an old manila folder and an old Christmas card as a template. Making the blank card was easy, and it was fun to decorate it with scrap paper cutouts using my Nori Paste! I found the Nori Paste very easy to work with. It kind of reminds me of working with rubber cement without the toxic stink. I can’t wait to bust this tube out again!

Valentines Day Card from an Old Manila Folder


  • old manila folder
  • old greeting card
  • pencil
  • paper scissors
  • Nori Paste, or another eco-friendly glue
  • scrap paper (I used a sheet of origami paper that I don’t even remember buying!)
  • scrap baking twine or hemp twine
  • embroidery needle


1. Trace the outline of your greeting card onto your envelope. Make sure you line up the fold in the card with the fold in your envelope. Cut out your blank manila card.

Making the Valentines Day Card Blank

2. It’s time to decorate! As you can see in the picture below, my manila card had a weird stamp thing so I covered that up with a cut out heart:

Valentines Day Card Inside

3. If you want to do mini bunting like I did, grab your twine and needle. Tie a knot in one end of the twine, then thread the twine through the back of the card on one side. Pass the needle front to back on the far side of the card, then tie another knot.

4. Fold a piece of scrap paper in half, then draw a 3-5 small triangles, so that one side of the triangle is along the fold. When you cut out your little triangles, you’ll actually have symmetrical diamonds. To attach them to the bunting, fold them over the thread, then glue each on together with more Nori Paste. To make your bunting lay properly, you can also use a dot of Nori Paste to glue the middle flag down onto the card.

Valentines Day Card Bunting

5. You can use little hearts cut from scrap paper to cover your knots on the inside of the card. Just glue them right over the unsightly knot with your Nori Paste.

Valentines Day Card Inside

5. That’s it! Let your card dry, and write a message for your sweetie on the inside. Happy Valentines Day, y’all!

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