Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

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I love looking at all of the Valentine’s Day items in stores, especially the cute packages of cards for children to hand out to their friends. It reminds me of the good ole’ days in elementary school when I would get so excited about receiving all of those fun and silly cards! However, at the end of the day, I would throw away the card and just eat the candy. Here’s a more eco-friendly option I came up with– a toilet paper roll Valentine:

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

What You Will Need:

1. Toilet paper rolls.

2. A magazine.

3. Glue (Use Eco-glue if you can).

4. Tissue paper– I wanted to use newspaper instead (perhaps the comic section to add some fun for kids), but I didn’t have any on hand. I had tissue paper left over from a present that was given to me from Christmas, so that’s what I used. Get creative with this, though, and use what you have!

5. Twine (Use Hemp Twine if you can). I used twine because that’s all I had, but if you have something prettier, go for it!

6. Tape.

7. Scissors.

How To Do It:

1. Lay your tissue paper (or paper of choice) on a flat surface. Then, tape the beginning of the tissue paper to your roll. This will help keep it in place as you roll the paper around the toilet paper roll.

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

2. Roll the tissue paper around the toilet paper roll.

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

3. Once you’ve reached the end of your tissue paper, put a piece of tape to secure it in place.

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

4. You’ll notice in the picture above that my tissue paper was much longer than the roll, so I had to cut it. This would be perfect if you were doing more than one toilet paper roll– just use the left over tissue paper for another one! This is what your roll should look like after it’s cut:

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

5. Then, “scrunch” one end together and tie it off with your twine. Don’t do both ends yet!

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

6. Before you repeat step 5 with the other end, insert your wrapped candy! The only candy I had was coffee and latte candy, but I do not suggest giving that to children! πŸ™‚

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

7. Cut off the excess twine– you won’t want to see it once you’re done. Now your toilet paper roll should look like this:

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

8. Now for the fun part– cut out letters from your magazine to form the phrase “Happy Valentine’s Day.” You could also personalize it with each child’s name if you wanted to. Just like I mentioned in the Christmas Ornament post, this is a great step to get your children involved so they can learn to recognize letters and form words.

9. After you cut out all of the necessary letters, glue them directly to the toilet paper roll. Once the letters are completely dry, you’re done!

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

Optional: To add something special and festive to my roll, I cut out two small hearts and glued them to the roll as well. I looked through my magazine for pretty colors/patterns and cut the hearts from there.

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, make something different and fun for your kids to hand out to their friends! It’s more eco-friendly and they are one-of-kind Valentines!

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