DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration: Upcycled Heart Streamers

DIY Valentines Day Decoration

Confession: I love making Valentine’s Day crafts, because I love cutting out heart shapes! This upcycled heart streamer is a fun DIY Valentine’s Day decoration that you can whip up in under an hour.

Every year, my husband cooks me supper on Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t do much cooking that doesn’t involve he grill, and I love the night off of cooking and dishes! Since he doesn’t cook often, when he does he finds super special recipes. A romantic dinner in fits right into our budget, but just because you’re keeping things budget-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t have a little ambiance, right?

Since this is our last Valentine’s Day before our first baby is due, I wanted to up my game a little bit, so I decided that I’m going to make everything look really special. I’m sorting out some kind of tablescape situation, and I wanted to replace some of the wall art in the kitchen with something a little more lovey-dovey.

This wall streamer uses almost all reclaimed materials, and it was a lot of fun to make. Ready to create your own? Click here for the tutorial!

3 thoughts on “DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration: Upcycled Heart Streamers”

  1. I remember doing this when my girls were really little and we hung it in their door way. Each heart had a different saying, like the do in the box of hearts. They’re teens now but I bet they’d have a happy surprise if I did again. 🙂

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