Easter EggsHalf eaten boxes of marshmallow Peeps; straw from Easter baskets strewn about; slowly coming out of a sugar high; plastic egg halves littering the floor. Does this sound like you and the aftermath of Easter? Feeling a little unsure of what to do with those plastic eggs now that the hunt is over and the candy eaten?

Well have no fear because this week CAGW will tackle that very question and offer up nifty solutions to reusing your Easter eggs!

Fresh out of my sugar rush, I grabbed an errant egg and quickly put it to use. I stuffed the inside with all my loose garment buttons. You know the extra buttons that come on new clothes? I’ve never had a good place to put them all, until now. The plastic egg is the perfect size and makes a satisfying click when putting the halves back together. I labeled the egg with a Sharpie marker and decorated it with drawings of buttons so I know what’s on the inside. It is now nestled inside my sewing box.

For the rest, I was thinking of getting a jump start on my Easter decorations for next year and use one of these great egg knitting patterns and reuse the plastic eggs as stuffing.

Stay tuned throughout the week for other ideas on how to reuse and recycle plastic Easter eggs in your crafts.

[Easter eggs photo by Kelly Rand]

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