Valentine’s Day Crafts: Heart-Shaped Dessert Toppers

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Valentine's Day Crafts: Sweet Heart Shaped Dessert Toppers

These sweet dessert toppers are simple Valentine’s Day crafts that come together in a flash!

I used these to top a batch of vegan rice crispy treats, but you could also use them to add a little romance to cupcakes, cookies, brownies, or whatever dessert you’re making for Valentine’s Day.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a sweet treat, and you can make it even sweeter with a DIY dessert topper made from junk mail envelopes. These are easy Valentine’s Day crafts that you can create while your dessert is baking or cooling, so you don’t even have to budget extra time to make them. Boom!

I made these as a test run and served up some romantic treats to my friends when they came over on Monday to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 on top of these vegan rice crispy treats. Because nothing says “Valentine’s Day crafts” like Joe and the bots, right?

If you want to make your own dessert toppers for your Valentine’s Day treats, I’ve got the quickie tutorial right here!

Valentine’s Day Crafts: Heart-Shaped Dessert Topper

I used old security envelopes to make these dessert toppers. I love crafting with security envelopes, because the patterns on the inside are often unique and kind of beautiful. You can really use any junk mail you like for your Valentine’s Day crafts, so have fun with it!


  • junk mail envelopes
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • toothpicks


Valentine's Day Crafts: Sweet Heart Shaped Dessert Toppers

1. Cut your heart shapes out of your junk mail envelopes. You want to use a template so that your hearts are all the same shape. That way, when you sandwich your toothpick between them, everything matches up.

Valentine's Day Crafts: Sweet Heart Shaped Dessert Toppers

2. Cover the back of one heart with glue using your glue stick, then carefully place the toothpick in the center of the heart, about halfway down. Cover the back of another heart with your glue stick, and use it to make a toothpick sandwich. Press the hearts together, making sure they stick to each other and to the toothpick that’s between them.

Valentine's Day Crafts: Sweet Heart Shaped Dessert Toppers

3. Arrange your dessert artfully on a plate, stick a topper into a couple of pieces, and serve!

Written by Becky Striepe

My name is Becky Striepe (rhymes with “sleepy”), and I am a crafts and food writer from Atlanta, Georgia with a passion for making our planet a healthier, happier, and more compassionate place to live. My mission is to make vegan food and crafts accessible to everyone!. If you like my work, you can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .


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