18 DIY Plant Hangers That You Can Make at Home

easy macrame plant hanger

Whatever your skill set, there’s a plant hanger here that YOU can DIY!

I’ve recently been obsessed with putting plant hangers in all my sunny windows. In my home, a sunny window is ALWAYS in need of a house plant!

Macrame is my favorite way to craft these hangers, but I don’t have endless stashes of cording, and I like to work with what I have on hand. So yes, I’ve made tons of macrame hangers this summer, but I’ve also made all kinds of other hangers, almost all from stash. Scrap wood, scrap leather, miscellaneous brackets of unknown provenance–all are fair game!

Do you, too, have too many plants and seemingly too little space? I can fix that! Whatever your stash or your skill set looks like, check out my list of favorite DIY plant hangers, below, because there’s a great one there for YOU!

Macrame Plant Hangers

Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

easy macrame hanger. This is the easiest hanger to macrame, requiring only two types of knots. I can make the longest version in the time it takes to watch one episode of Wheel of Time plus one episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel–can you tell whose Amazon Prime free trial is about to run out, ahem?

crochet hanger. This crocheted hanger is beautiful and versatile, and is a great way to use up scrap yarn after finishing a larger project. After all, if you don’t have a plant hanger to match your afghan, are you really even a crocheter?

crocheted double hanging basket via Made by Gootie

crocheted double hanging basket. I love the versatility of this double hanging basket–it keeps your plants super snug, but it could keep lots of other things, too! Any wall space that gets enough light for your favorite house plant is fair game.

knitted hanger. Prefer knitting to crochet? There’s a plant hanger for you, too! It’s VERY on trend to have a plant hanger that matches your sweater…

Mason jar planter via Ramshackle Glam
Mason jar hanger via Ramshackle Glam

Mason jar hanger. Got a little plant that’s happy in a Mason jar? This is a SUPER easy way to hang it! This is a good temporary solution to finding a spot to keep all your plant starts and cuttings while they root.

one-knot plant hanger. This plant hanger is too easy to even count as macrame! It’s especially good for hanging odd- or custom-sized plant pots.

Plant Hangers That Don’t Require Tying Knots

fabric strip hanger via Gleeful Things

fabric strip hanger. No rope? No problem! Upcycled strips of stash fabric into a pretty and serviceable hanger. Just be mindful of how much water you expose this hanger too, as natural fabrics tend to rot if they get wet too often.

Make an Easy Hanging Planter

pegboard and twine plant hanger. This is a fairly low-skill plant hanger, requiring only some square knots and the ability to cut a circle in pegboard. It’s a little tricky to get the hanger balanced, but it’s handy that the holes are already drilled for you.

wood slice and rope hanger via The Summery Umbrella

wood slice and rope hanger. This concept is similar to the pegboard hanger, above, with a natural wood slice replacing the pegboard. Try to keep the holes that you drill very even, but you can make up for some imbalance with how you tie the twine hangers.

plywood hanger via Deuce Cities Hen House

plywood hanger. Got some legitimate woodworking skills? Amp up your plant hanger project with this tutorial!

wooden wall hanger via Shanty 2 Chic

wooden wall hanger. I am in LOVE with all the plant space this hanging wall rack provides!

hanging sling via A Designer Home

hanging sling. The tutorial calls for leather, but thick denim or upholstery-weight fabric would also work.

leather plant hanger via BLDG 25

leather plant hanger. Instead of knotting, this plant hanger uses thick strips of leather (or pleather) to keep plants stable.

plant shelf via Curbly

plant shelf. It doesn’t hang (although it could!), but this wooden shelf has clever cut-outs for your standard-sized plant pots.

kirigami leather hanger via The Prudent Garden

kirigami leather hanger. Slits cut into a leather circle turn it into a secure base for a hanging planter.

clay pot hanger via Dodson Designs

clay pot hanger. This plant hanger is literally just a bracket that mounts to your wall and cleverly hooks the rim of your clay plant pots.

vertical hanger via I Heart Naptime

vertical hanger. This is a terrific way to really maximize your vertical space. Add as many shelves as you need!

standing plant hanger via Confessions of a Serial DIYer

standing plant hanger. I love this method for making more room in your garden for even more plants.

Do YOU have a favorite DIY plant hanger tutorial? Tell us about it in the Comments!

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