Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts

No Sew Mini Felt Heart Garland, Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts

I know it’s a corny holiday, but it’s still fun to make it special with these handmade, eco-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts!

Valentine’s Day is the third corniest holiday, but nevertheless, I kind of like it? It’s nice to have something to look forward to in February other than one more in a series of grey, chilly days, and I find the symmetry of the canonical heart shape pleasing, in an “I Have Sensory Issues” sort of way.

Also, I LOVE craft projects, and Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to make some craft projects!

Below, check out my list of my favorite eco-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts. Pick your favorite, then settle in for some soothing sensory fun with that delightfully symmetrical canonical heart shape.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts from New Materials

Buy these eco-friendly materials new, or get creative by using scraps.

Mini Felt Heart Bunting

mini felt heart bunting. This is my absolute favorite little eco-friendly Valentine’s Day craft. Choose either wool felt or recycled plastic felt and you favorite colorway, then cut and glue a tiny bunting light that’s perfect for an office cubical, dorm room door, or bathroom mirror.

Valentine birdfeeders. I would be thrilled beyond measure to receive this valentine–and so would my neighborhood birds!

felt conversation hearts via Wild Olive

felt conversation hearts. I really want to upgrade my mini felt bunting into a mini felt conversation heart bunting!

heart friendship bracelet via Honestly WTF
heart friendship bracelet via Honestly WTF

heart friendship bracelet. This isn’t your typical corny Valentine! Use all-cotton embroidery floss, and don’t be afraid to get SUPER creative with your color choices.

paper heart wreath via Krokotak

paper heart wreath. Normally, I advocate for upcycling the back of used paper for any printable crafts like this, but alas, in this case both sides of paper will show. It’s okay, though, because you can still keep it environmentally clean by using eco-friendly printing practices.

felt valentine envelope via Lucy Kate Crafts

felt valentine envelope. Felt is the easiest to sew, but you could also make this craft with most solid color fabrics. I think canvas would work well, or even quilting cotton with a lining added.

salt dough heart candle holder via Messy Little Monsters

salt dough heart candle holder. Salt dough is a surprisingly versatile craft material. It dyes like a dream, takes glue well, and holds its shape wonderfully!

salt dough heart necklaces via Amazing Mae

salt dough heart necklaces. Case in point about the salt dough: look at these adorable necklaces! Definitely use the clear sealant called for in the tutorial so the paint doesn’t flake off, but you can use a brush on sealant instead of spray for less mess and environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts from Upcycled Materials

Use what you’ve got on hand to make your Valentine’s Day special!

Heart-Shaped Cereal Box Notebooks

heart-shaped cereal box notebook. The cardboard packaging on novelty junk foods is one of my favorite craft supplies. And yes, I DID use my desire to craft with that Trix box as an excuse to buy myself sugar cereal!

textured yarn heart. THIS is how you use up all your scrap yarn! The crafter creates this yarn heart on paper, but I think it would also work well with fabric glue on scrap fabric. You could stitch over the top for embellishment and to make sure all the yarn scraps are secure.

yarn heart wreath via Blue Bear Wood

yarn heart wreath. Here’s another kid-friendly way to use up some of that scrap yarn. The wreath base is made from corrugated cardboard for even more eco bonus points!

Operation Valentine. This awesome STEM craft upcycles a small box, so save up those snack boxes!

origami hearts eco-friendly Valentine's Day crafts

origami hearts. You can make these hearts out of any paper, although thinner paper is easier to fold. Tuck a couple into a love note… or write your love note inside the heart!

52 Reasons Why I Love You. This is the sweetest way to upcycle a deck of cards!

folded paper fan hearts via Happy Hooligans

folded paper fan hearts. This kid craft is also a great way to upcycle large-format kid artwork.

fabric hearts via Flamingo Toes

fabric hearts. Upcycle your best little bits of scrap fabric for these highly embellished hearts. I think they’d make excellent drawer sachets, and so that’s what I’m making for my teenagers’ Valentine’s Day gifts–don’t tell!

heart geometry puzzle via What Do We Do All Day

heart geometry puzzle. I LOVE sneakily educational, genuinely fun activities for little kids! Upcycle kid art, a calendar page, or any fun paper for this puzzle.

Valentine ornament via Heather Bailey

Valentine ornament. In case you’re still kind of in the mood to craft ornaments…

string art cards via Hello Wonderful

string art cards. When my kids were little, homemade valentines were a Whole Thing. If they’re a Whole Thing for your kids, too, this is a workable way to make plenty of cards that are kid-friendly and actually really cute! Use scrap yarn for younger kids and scrap embroidery floss for older ones.

stitched paper heart valentines via Housing a Forest

stitched paper heart valentines. Upcycle all your scrap paper into these sweet stacked heart valentines.

Do YOU have a favorite eco-friendly Valentine’s Day craft? Tell us about it in the Comments!

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