24 DIY Bookmarks from Upcycled Materials

upcycled cross stitch bookmark

DIY bookmarks are perfect to make when you’re feeling crafty but don’t have a ton of time to devote to a project.

Feeling crafty, but don’t want an entire day to disappear while you dive into your latest project?

I have a solution: DIY bookmarks!

DIY bookmarks are tiny projects with a timespan to match. You can whip up a super cute upcycled cardboard bookmark in minutes, and even a more elaborate quilt-as-you-go stitched bookmark takes less than half an hour to sew up. Want more crafty time? Make them in bulk, because bookmarks make awesome gifts! I tuck my DIY bookmarks into care packages, Easter baskets, the books I put into my Little Free Library, and all my etsy orders.

DIY Bookmarks are also quite eco-friendly to create. They’re very upcycling-friendly, and a great way to re-use scraps or do some stashbusting.

Read on for my favorite DIY bookmark projects!

Quilt-As-You-Go Scrappy Bookmark

quilt as you go DIY bookmarks

You can use up even the scrippiest of scrippy-scraps in these DIY bookmarks. Thanks to the quilt-as-you-go method, they look just as pretty from the back!

Upcycled Plastic Bookmark

upcycled plastic bookmark image via Happy Hooligans

Check out the cool watercolor effects you can get with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol! Try this technique on plastic food packaging, then hole punch and add a ribbon.

Upcycled Cross Stitch Bookmark

upcycled cross stitch bookmark

Coming across abandoned cross stitch art in thrift stores used to make me feel sad, but now I adopt those pieces and turn them into my new favorite DIY bookmarks.

Button Bookmark

button bookmark image via The Inspiration Board

You can’t get much quicker and easier than a button and a paperclip!

Toy Bookmark

toy bookmark image via My White Idea

You might have to do a little problem-solving with this project, as it will work differently with hollow toys, but how cute is that dinosaur butt marking the spot where you fell asleep?

Crochet Bookmark

You can use any stash or scrap yarn for this bookmark, although different weights will change the bookmark’s size, of course.

Wood-Burned Leather Bookmark

Maybe you have actual leather scraps, or maybe you have an old leather belt or leather jacket. Whatever you’ve got should work for this project! Test the wood burner and permanent markers on a scrap piece of leather before you embellish your bookmark, as sometimes their interactions with the leather give unexpected results.

Woven Bookmark

This beginner’s weaving project is a good way to use up yarn scraps. I love that even the loom itself is DIY AND upcycled!

Fabric Bookmark

fabric bookmark image via Crafty for Home

To make this project even more eco-friendly, skip the interfacing. If you’d like to add weight or stiffness to the bookmark, upcycle felt, denim, canvas, or even cardboard food packaging as the inner layer.

Ribbon and Button Bookmark

Here’s an easy way to use up the last few inches of ribbon on the spool.

Bow Bookmark

bow bookmark image via Stitched by Crystal

A fabric scrap bow makes a bookmark big enough that you can’t possibly forget it inside your library book when you return it! To make this bookmark part of a lovely, thoughtful gift, buy your recipient a book you think they’ll love, then sew this bow bookmark and a matching book cover.

Handkerchief Bookmark

A bookmark is a lovely way to upcycle a vintage handkerchief. If you size the bookmarks carefully, you could make a set of matching bookmarks for everyone precious to the handkerchief’s former owner.

Elasticized Fabric Bookmark with a Pocket

If you highlight, underline, and otherwise annotate your books like I do, you, too, will love the idea of a bookmark with a pocket for your pens! Sew it up quickly with scrap fabric and any bits of leftover elastic that you have on hand.

Coloring Page Bookmark

Coloring Page Bookmark Tutorial

Don’t toss that coloring page! Back it with cardboard and let your work of art live forever as an upcycled bookmark.

Vintage Sewing Pattern Envelope Bookmark

vintage sewing pattern envelope bookmark image via Adirondack Girl at Heart

Vintage sewing pattern envelopes don’t hold up well, so after you carefully store your vintage sewing patterns in a safer way, upcycle the envelopes into these pretty bookmarks.

Pressed Flower Bookmark

The dried flowers are the real stars of this bookmark, so embellish it simply with sturdy cardboard, scrap baker’s twine or ribbon, and a machine-stitched border.

Upcycled Greeting Card Bookmark

upcycled greeting card bookmark image via Lori Miller Designs

Cut and fold old greeting cards to create these clever bookmarks.

Record Album Cover Bookmark

Cardboard Record Album Cover and Duct Tape Bookmark

Upcycle an old cardboard record album cover by fussy-cutting it and adding an embroidery floss or ribbon tassel.

Altered Art Bookmarks

altered art bookmarks image via Adirondack Girl at Heart

All sorts of vintage papers and scrapbook paper come together to make these artsy bookmarks.

Girl Scout Cookie Box Bookmarks

Make Bookmarks from Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

Because that box of Thin Mints deserves a second chance at life!

Favorite Quote Bookmark

J.R.R. Tolkien Crafts

Here’s a project you can do even if you don’t have ANY cool supplies. To make this bookmark, you just need a blank piece of cardboard, a pen, and your favorite book!

Comic Book Bookmark

comic book bookmark

This is one of my favorite ways to upcycle old comic books. Each one is unique!

Origami Heart Bookmark

Any paper that you can fold will work for to make this cute corner bookmark.

Junk Mail Bookmark

That junk mail envelope is just a couple of minutes away from being your new favorite corner bookmark.

Do YOU have a favorite bookmark to make? Tell us about it in the Comments!

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