Even More Felt Christmas Crafts! Two Dozen Wreaths, Garlands, Decorations, and Toys

Although technically I’m still deep in what I have, as the parent of a young ballerina, eventually come to accept as “Nutcracker season” and I ought to simply be focused on driving children to and from the ballet studio and keeping at least one pair of tights snag-free and trying to avoid having random snippets of Nutcracker music constantly playing inside my head (but to be fair, that Trepak number is a banger!), I’m already looking forward to the final curtain drop on my kid’s run as Mouse #2/Officer #3. At that moment, the frantic pace will cease and my family can relax into our Christmas holiday.

And our Christmas holiday crafts!

Last week, I showed you all of my favorite felt ornaments. Here, then, are some of my other favorite felt crafts that I make around Christmas-time. The simpler projects are perfect for, say, my Girl Scout troop to work on during our holiday camping weekend. I prefer the more sophisticated, detail-oriented projects that keep my hands busy during family gatherings or while waiting in the carline to pick up my kid from yet another five-hour Nutcracker rehearsal. You can make most of these projects with Eco-fi or wool felt, and some of them with recycled wool felt.

Wreaths and Garlands

felted wool sweater wreath via Recovergirl
felted wool sweater wreath via Recovergirl

felted wool sweater wreathThis kind of project that relies on the thickness and color variety of the fabric is where felted wool sweaters really shine. Save your scraps from larger projects and keep a weather eye out for wool when you’re thrifting!

circle garlandUse a die cutter or get a LOT of hands-on practice cutting circles, then chain them together into an easy and colorful garland.

felt garland

garland. I love how simple these felt garlands are. This particular garland uses up all your scrippy-scraps and looks excellent on a Christmas tree in lieue of tinsel.

wool felt chain garlandOkay, this garland is on the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum from the simple scrap garland, above. But unless the moths get to it, this garland will be a treasured heirloom as thanks for all the time you’ve spent creating it. Wool felt is the best here, with just the right thickness. But you could possibly double up Eco-fi felt for a similar feel.

ribbon candy garlandIt’s like having a tree full of candy!

twisted felt garlandHere’s a nearly no-sew garland that you can make at any length.

Christmas light garlandThis garland is adorable when made with your most colorful Eco-fi or wool felt scraps. I especially like using non-Christmassy colors!

Stockings and Wall Hangings

felted wool stocking

stocking. Felt is a fabulous fabric for making stockings. Eco-fi and wool felt take fabric glue like champs. Even non-sewists can make stockings that are as elaborately embellished as one likes. I have to say, though, that my absolute favorite fabric for a stocking is felted wool. I LOVE a Christmas stocking that looks just like a cozy sweater!

Christmas banner via Holiday Crafts and Creations
Christmas banner via Holiday Crafts and Creations

Christmas banner. This sweet wall hanging makes a good replacement for a wreath.

felt wreathBut CAN you make a wreath entirely out of felt? Yes, you can! Instead of the styrofoam wreath form called for in this tutorial, glue the felt leaves to a cardboard or wooden form.

mistletoe from Stay at Home Artist
mistletoe from Stay at Home Artist

mistletoeReal mistletoe is poisonous, and fake store-bought mistletoe is plastic. Use felt instead!

Decorations and Toys

Christmas tree candy cane holderHere’s a simple favor holder for a candy cane. Make the base holder before the party, then let each kid decorate their own!

Christmas tree toy. I’m not convinced that the snaps version will hold up to a small kid’s enthusiasm, but the Velcro certainly will.

felt-covered lettersStart with premade cardboard or wooden letters, or DIY those, too!

felt tree on a stand. Make a simple 3D evergreen with a dowel trunk and wood slice stand, or decorate your tree with embroidery, beads and baubles, and yarn garlands.

Christmas tree pinWear a smiling Christmas tree pin to tell everyone you’re festive without telling everyone you’re festive!

play treeThis large-sized felt tree and all its decorations–and presents!–mount on a wall or door so that small children can decorated and redecorate it.

stand-up play tree. Not everyone has any functional wall space to hang a play tree on (ahem, this may just be me…). However, anyone with a square foot of floor space can make this stand-up tree that kids can decorate and play with!

pine tree via The Crafted Sparrow
pine tree via The Crafted Sparrow

pine treeIf you’re feeling a little more ambitious, upgrade your felt tree to a full-on pine tree!

gnomesThese are so popular right now, and SO cute! A premade cardboard cone will save you some work.

poinsettia. The tutorial turns this felt poinsettia into a brooch, but I think I want to make napkin rings!

ribbon candyThe tutorial turns this felt candy into a garland, but I have a young niece who is 100% going to be receiving these as an addition to her play kitchen!

Christmas cookies felt foodYour favorite small one’s pretend kitchen is going to be doing so much holiday baking!

independent pattern makers. If you have just a few dollars to spare, don’t forget that you can buy high-quality patterns for adorable felt creations while supporting independent pattern makers and crafters! I bought the pattern for this felt Mouse King and Soldier for four dollars each, and I’m using stash felt to sew them up as little gifts for my kid’s fellow Mice and Officers.

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