20 Eco-Friendly DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day craft

Handmade Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and just like I say every year, it’s not a Hallmark holiday if you don’t buy Hallmark. If you’ve got a dad in your life, you can just as easily make that dad feel appreciated with something homemade–and frankly, that dad should feel MORE appreciated with something homemade, if they know you at all and know how much work goes into handmade gifts.

You don’t have to tell them that most of the homemade gifts on this list here are a lot easier than they look!

1. appliqued necktieAdd something a little fancier to that boring old tie.

2. beer label coastersDarn, you’re going to have to drink so much beer in order to make these. Poor you…

3. bottle openerThe best thing about these kinds of crafts for Father’s Day is that you can use them, too!

4. business card holderWhile you’re at it, do up a whole batch and you’ve got handmade Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. And it’s not even July yet!

5. coin dishThese little trays always come in handy, and they’re even better handmade.

6. dress shirt bottle wrapBecause what people really want is wine, here’s a cute DIY way to wrap that wine!

7. ecardsCan’t get much greener than an ecard.

8. felt koozieIf you need an easy craft to do at a family party, or something to keep everyone occupied on Father’s Day itself, this would be a cute one to do as a group.

9. grill set holderEveryone needs this, because grill stuff always needs to be organized! To make the project more eco-friendly, use brush-on paint instead of spray paint, and cardboard stencils instead of vinyl.

10. homemade barbecue sauceIf you have several people who need gifts on Father’s Day, this is a great recipe to make a ton of and then package separately for everyone.

11. painted rockScavenge one large enough to serve as a paperweight, and then let your littlest kiddos go crazy with the paint. I promise it’ll look cute!

12. photo cube towerHere’s a great craft to make for anyone who has a desk and some photos to show off.

13. Scrabble tile drink coasterPackage these with a new Scrabble game, and you’ll have Family Game Night locked in!

14. stenciled tieThese ties probably aren’t workplace appropriate, but who says that you can’t wear a tie when you’re not at work? There’s no law against looking awesome!

15. tie potYou probably could take this one to work.

16. toilet paper tube cardYou KNOW we had to get a toilet paper tube craft in there somewhere.

17. toolbox gift card holderIf what the father in your life really wants is a gift card, you can at least hide it in something cute!

18. upcycled coupon bookThe best gifts keep on giving, just like this DIY coupon book will, because you can customize it to include all of your dad’s favorite activities.

19. vintage button tie tackI know, I know… there are a lot of tie crafts here! But if the father in your life has to wear a tie to work every day, that’s a LOT of ties for fancying up!

20. washer keychainFor the dad who has everything…

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