How to Make a Pincushion: 40 Projects

A pincushion is one of the easiest projects that you can make–and one of the handiest! You don’t even have to know how to sew to make many pincushions, and yet there is not a sewer around who couldn’t use just. One. More. Pincushion!

Of course, it’s also possible to make a pincushion into a miniature work of art, and there isn’t a sewer around who wouldn’t appreciate one of those, too!

Here, then, are my favorite tutorials for making pincushions. From the no-sew to the highly-elaborate, each one is completely do-able, completely lovely, and will be completely useful for its whole little pincushion life:

Napkin Ring Pincushion

1. Napkin ring pincushionYou don’t always want the napkin rings that you end up with, and it’s likely that nobody else wants them, either. Good thing, then, that it’s so easy to turn an unwanted napkin ring into a pincushion!

2. Dress form mannequin pin cushionWant a pincushion that you’ll be proud to display? This is the one!

3. Stickable bottlecap pincushionThis tiny pincushion has a bottle cap base, so it’s the perfect size to use at your sewing machine for a specific sewing project. The tutorial calls for double-sided tape to make it stickable, but if your sewing machine has a metal exterior, you could also use a small magnet.

4. Tiny photo frame pincushionI LOVE the idea of this pincushion! Teensy photo frames are a dime a dozen (literally!) at my local Goodwill, and you could easily mount a photo frame pincushion on the wall next to your sewing supplies to keep it out of the way.

5. Quilted pincushion: This pincushion tutorial is more challenging than most, but you’ll be happy you put the work in when you’re finished. It’s a great way to make use of the very last scraps of your absolute favorite fabrics and ribbons.

6. Fabric weaving pincushionThis isn’t my favorite pincushion because I try to avoid fusible webbing, but if you already have it on hand, then this project looks pretty, and will certainly use up some of your odd-sized scraps.

7. Golf tee pincushionSometimes a little pincushion flower that sits inside a spool of thread is exactly what you need!

8. Pincushion caddy The outsides of this sewing caddy are all pincushions, with structure to the sides made from upcycled cardboard food packaging.

9. Purse pincushionHere’s another pincushion that looks way too cute to be a pincushion!

10.Pincushion ringThis is another tiny pincushion that’s perfect for a work in progress. Unlike some of the other pincushions, this one would work best for someone who’s sewing by hand.

11. French henThis isn’t a tutorial for a pincushion, but this, as most small tabletop stuffies, would work perfectly well as one.

12. Pincushion mouseConversely, this little mouse meant to be a pincushion, but it would work just as well as a little stuffie for you to love.

13. Scrappy armrestHere’s another pincushion that’s perfect for all of you hand-sewers out there–this one fits over the arm of a chair!

14. Wristband pincushionThe secret to this pincushion is an artificial flower.

15. Nesting doll pincushionEspecially if you have kiddos or pets, this pincushion is a great way to hide your pins away when you’re not using them. For a more eco-friendly project, use extra batting instead of styrofoam.

16. Crocheted cactus pincushionHere’s the perfect pincushion to make if you love to crochet!

17. Cross-stitched pincushionCross-stitchers need pincushions, too, so why not incorporate cross-stitch into your pincushion?

18. Plastic animal pincushionYou don’t really want to get rid of those adorable plastic dinosaurs that your kid used to love. Now you don’t have to!

19. Tree stump pincushionThere is no reason why your pincushion shouldn’t be adorable.

20. Classic pincushionWhen you think about a pincushion, THIS is probably the pincushion that you think about.

21. Apple pincushionThis pincushion project would look best sewn with fabric scraps that can carry on the apple theme–think red or green!

22. Crocheted flower pincushionThis tutorial is in two parts, so it’s also possible to simply make the crocheted flower, without turning it into a pincushion.

23. Embroidery hoop pincushionThe smaller the embroidery hoop that you can find for this project, the better!

24. Handkerchief pincushionHave a vintage handkerchief? This pincushion is a lovely way to show it off AND put it to work.

25. Sprocket pincushionThese sewn pincushions are more work to make, but I love how well they use up fabric scraps!

26. Cathedral window pincushionThose who enjoy quilting will love the way that so many pincushions recreate quilt blocks in miniature.

27. Five-pointed star pincushionHere’s another beautifully-sewn pincushion that will show off your sewing skills!

28. Hexie pincushionHexagons are sooooo fun to sew. You should cover everything in them–even a pincushion!

29. Hidden pincushion teacupI LOVE teacup pincushions, and this one is even more practical, as you can hide away the pincushion from curious fingers.

30. Strawberry pincushionThe downloadable templates make this pincushion super easy to put together.

31. Cupcake pincushionFor an even more eco-friendly project, use a felted wool sweater as the fabric for this pincushion.

32. Emery pincushionThis pincushion will actually sharpen your pins!

33. Mason jar pincushionThis is a super handy pincushion, as you can use the entire Mason jar for storage.

34. Egg cup pincushionIf you don’t need all the storage of a Mason jar, then make a pincushion out of an egg cup, instead!

35. Felt flower pincushionThe fact that this pincushion is made from felt means that it’s MUCH easier to sew than it looks.

36. CD needlebook and pincushionA couple of old CDs do double duty with this portable project.

37. Doily pincushionI love the look of a vintage doily, especially when it’s doing something useful around the house!

38. Mini loaf pan pincushionHere’s a way to upcycle your kid’s pretend kitchen supplies.

39. Stacked pincushionsThis stack of pincushions is a great way to organize your pins.

40. String block pincushionThis might be the most complicated pincushion here, but wow! It’s beautiful!

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