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Clothing Refashion: Prom Dress Pants

Prom dresses are some of my favorite articles of clothing to upcycle. Thrifted, that fancy fabric is cheaper by the yardage than purchased new, and they always include gorgeous embellishments and perfect hardware that careful cutting can preserve.

Homemade Soft Scrub Recipe

Soft scrubs are great at scouring off grime, but they often use harmful chemicals to do it. This homemade soft scrub recipe is effective, all natural, and inexpensive to make.

10 DIY Skirts from Reclaimed Materials

I know, a lot of you probably are still digging your way out of that last round of crazy snow. This late-winter cold snap has me dreaming of spring like nothing else. I can’t wait for bare legs, open-toed shoes, and skirt weather!

How to Hone a Knife to Make it Last

Honing is an important part of keeping your knives super sharp. Here’s how to hone a knife and the difference between honing and sharpening.

How to Make Rosettes from a Reclaimed Tee

Don’t you love the look of a rosette? These simple fabric flowers are very cute, and they’re actually simple to make with just an old t-shirt from your stash. Here’s how to make rosettes and use them in your crafting.

40 Craft Room Ideas for the New Year

Is organizing your life on the list for this year? We’ve got an epic list of craft room ideas to keep your supplies in order all year long!

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