40 DIY Projects to Create with Vintage Sheet Music

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40 DIY Projects to Create with Vintage Sheet MusicDo you love vintage sheet music? We’re sharing 40 DIY projects that you can create with your favorite recycled paper!

As a musician, my favorite recycled paper is sheet music. If you’re a consistent reader here at CAGW, you know that I am constantly posting sheet music crafts or DIY projects. I just can’t help myself! When I shop at thrift stores or garage sales, I always look for more sheet music so I can keep on creating! If you love sheet music as much as I do, here are 40 DIY projects that you can create, too!

1. Sheet music wreath

2. DIY recycled paper bouquet

3. Sheet music bottle

4. Decoupage a wall

5. Sheet music tree

6. DIY envelopes

7. Sheet music placemats

8. Cover a ruined table top

9. Paint it for unique art

10. Line your dresser drawers with sheet music

11. Upcycle a guitar into art

12. Decoupage a room divider

13. DIY music wall art

14. Sheet music dresser

15. Make a recycled paper brooch

16. Sheet music desk

17. Create a recycled card

18. Handmade sheet music garland

19. DIY recycled paper wreath

20. Sheet music covered suitcase

21. Upcycled shutter memo board

22. DIY paper wedding cones

23. Quick gift idea for a musician

24. DIY craft booth sign

25. Inspirational wall art

26. Update an old tray

27. Upcycle an old window into a dry erase board

28. Recycled bangle bracelet

29. Make fridge frames

30. DIY sheet music earrings

31. Decorate an eco-friendly gift box

32. Sheet music shoes

33. Spruce up an old jewelry box

34. Recycled paper lamp shade

35. Decoupage an interior door

36. Make custom switch plates

37. Create an easy and eco-friendly centerpiece

38. DIY gift bag

39. Simply frame your sheet music

40. Embellish clothespins

Which DIY sheet music project is your favorite? Have you created your own sheet music project? Share it in the comment section below! We’d love to check it out and pin it to our Paper Crafts board on Pinterest!

[Photo credit: Old sheet music via Shutterstock]

4 thoughts on “40 DIY Projects to Create with Vintage Sheet Music”

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  2. Very exhaustive list. I like number 29, making fridge frames. What’s nice is that most on this list will keep my daughter occupied and out of trouble. Thanks

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