DIY Lighting: How to Update an Old Lamp!

DIY Lighting: How to Update an Old Lamp!Don’t buy new! Try DIY lighting and update an old lamp from a thrift store or garage sale!

Last weekend I went thrifting with my Mom and came across a lamp for $3.99. She gave me the look of disgust that said, “Are you really going to buy that,” but I had a vision. The lamp was faux wood and gold, but it had an incredible shape that reminded me of a lot of modern lamps you’ll find in big box stores. I just couldn’t pass it up and wanted to share the awesome transformation with you guys!

What You Will Need:

1. An old lamp. You can find these at thrift stores, garage sales, and even antique stores! Try not to focus on the color or style of the lamp, but rather the shape!

2. Painter’s tape

3. Low VOC spray paint

4. (Optional) Spray Polycrylic

How To Do It:

1. Clean your lamp with a rag and an all purpose cleaner. Mine had layers of dust!

2. Tape off all of the areas of the lamp that you don’t want to paint. I taped off the cord, and the top portion of the lamp where the bulb goes.

3. Spray paint it! Remember that the key to an awesome spray paint job is multiple, thin coats rather than one heavy coat. If you try to spray and cover the entire piece in 1 minute, you’re bound to have drips. No one likes drips, so have patience! I spray painted my lamp a beautiful, sunny yellow!

DIY Lighting: How to Update an Old Lamp!

4. (Optional) To seal and protect my new paint job, I always use Polycrylic. It’s basically just a clear coat that will protect my piece from every day wear and tear. However, it isn’t the greenest crafting supply, so the choice is yours.

Add a lamp shade and your “new” lamp is ready to go! Can you believe the difference in my lamp? It went from dark and dated to bright and modern! What do you think?

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