30 DIY Decor Projects for Your Kitchen!

DIY Decor Projects for Home: Handmade Kitchen Ideas

30 DIY Decor Projects for Your KitchenDoes your kitchen look bland and boring? Here are 30 DIY decor projects to take it from drab to fab!

After moving into a different rental home with a not-so-cute kitchen, I’ve been racking my brain with lots of projects to make the kitchen beautiful (or at least distract from the ugliness that I can’t change). I’ve scoured Pinterest and have found so many incredible DIY decor projects for my kitchen that I thought you all would love too!

1. Stamped spoon door handles

2. Upcycle a colander into a light fixture

3. Make a kitchen chalkboard to reduce waste

4. Book page and utensil art

5. Turn a rake into a wine glass holder

6. Spray paint vintage kitchen gear for easy wall art

7. Vintage rolling pin hook rack

8. Simple mason jar kitchen organizer

9. DIY cake stand kitchen organizer (perfect for holding your handmade soap)

10. Create recycling inspiration for your kitchen

11. DIY sugar, cream, and coffee canisters

12. DIY wall art with painted spoons

13. Upcycled 3-tiered kitchen stand

14. Use utensils as hooks

15. Create fridge frames from cardboard boxes

16. DIY handles for your kitchen cabinets

17. Beer bottle soap dispenser

18. Make fabric covered tins

19.ย  DIY decorative plate wall

20. Create a mason jar soap holder (just pour your handmade liquid soap inside!)

21. Dress up your fridge with paint chip magnets

22. Use a vintage card catalog drawer as a silverware holder

23. Brighten things up with DIY lighting projects

24. Repurpose a pastry blender into a towel holder

25. Upcycle an old fence into a kitchen pegboard

26. DIY antique ladder pot rack

27. Rolling pin towel rack

28. Vintage thermos flower vases

29. Make a silverware lamp

30. DIY pot lid clock

Which DIY decor project is your favorite? Do you have any kitchen decor projects that you would like to share with us? Tell us all about them in the comment section below! I can’t wait to make my own kitchen projects and share them with you all!

[Photo credit: Kitchen Design via Shutterstock]

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