Spotted: DIY Beehive in a Mason Jar

DIY Beehive in Mason Jars

Want to invite pollinators to your garden? Try this awesome DIY beehive made with mason jars!

Did you guys know that it’s National Pollinator Week? We really need to think about pollinators like bees and butterflies every week, but this week folks are paying extra special attention to these important insects. Keeping bees is one way that you can help support our food system by helping these fragile creatures thrive.

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Vegan Crafter Note: If you’re vegan, keeping bees might seem like it goes against your ethics, but it doesn’t have to! Who says that you have to harvest any honey? You can keep bees just for the love of pollinators!

This project from Instructables is pretty involved, but if you’ve been wanting to get into beekeeping, it looks like a great way to get started! To make your own DIY beehive, you’ll need:

  • handheld drill
  • small drill bit
  • 2 1/2″ hole maker drill attachment
  • saw (any kind that will cut wood)
  • measuring tape, L or T square ruler, yardstick ruler ( to make measurement)
  • hammer
  • piece of nail or screw ( to make hole in the lids of mason jar)
  • pencil
  • heat source such as lighters, or match sticks.
  • (11) 1/2 gallon mason jars or (12) quart mason jars
  • Tiny 1/2″ screws (4) for each mason jar
  • small piece of beeswax
  • wood glue
  • wood stain in light color such as white, bright blue or green. Generlly, light color is for summer. If you want to place the beehive in open field under hot sun. Dark color for shade area or used for mild winter area to retian some heat for the bees to survive.
  • Beehive super with deep wall that will fit over the jars (already made or bought)

There is also an alternate method for making this DIY beehive, so head over to Instructables for the variations and instructions!

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