Mason Jar Centerpieces that Sparkle!

Mason Jar Centerpieces that Sparkle!

Mason Jar Centerpieces that Sparkle!

These mason jar centerpieces are easy to make and add a little bit of shine to your tablescape.

Psst! I have a secret about these mason jar centerpieces: only one of them is actually made from a mason jar.

Don’t get me wrong. We love mason jar crafts over here. But what I love more than a mason jar is upcycling. For many mason jar crafts, any old glass jar will do. I love the eclectic look of different shaped- and sized-jars on a table!

If you’re using an old pickle or pasta sauce jar, you will need to remove the label, and you’ll probably need to get the residual smell out of there. Check out our tutorial for how to prep those glass jars before we get down to business.

Got your jars? Got those labels off and the scent neutralized? Let’s make some mason jar centerpieces!

Mason Jar Centerpieces


  • 3 mason jars or other clean glass jars – make sure that they’re totally dry before you begin
  • masking tape
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • glitter in colors of your choice
  • large piece scrap paper – I used an old paper grocery bag
  • fresh flowers, herbs, etc for filling them


1. Tape off your jars. You can get creative with this, so have fun with it! Since my jars are all different, I went with different placements for the glitter. You can also cover the entire jar in glitter, if you prefer. Have fun with the design part!

Mason Jar Centerpieces that Sparkle!

2. Paint on your Mod Podge. My Mod Podge came in a little squeezy bottle, so I just squeezed a quarter-sized amount right onto my jar, then used my brush to spread it evenly over the part of the jar where I wanted my glitter.

3. Pour on that glitter. Don’t shake. Shaking is for amateurs! Pour that glitter on, while holding your jar over your scrap paper. You want a nice, thick coat of glitter, so don’t be shy. When you’re done, just fold your paper, and pour the excess glitter back into your container. No waste!

Mason Jar Centerpieces that Sparkle!

4. Remove the tape. Let your Mod Podge cure for 15-20 minutes, then carefully peel away the tape to reveal your pretty designs.

5. Seal it. You’re almost done! Paint over your glitter with a thin layer of Mod Podge This is an important step, because it keeps the glitter from flaking off over time. You don’t want your mason jar centerpieces to shed glitter all over your table!

Mason Jar Centerpieces that Sparkle!

6. Let the jars dry. Give them at least an hour, though overnight is better. When they’re totally dry, arrange your flowers, and set them out in a cluster on your table. I used a mix of rosemary and flowers from our garden. These bouquets smell so good!

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