Spotted: Water Bottle Garden

DIY Water Bottle Garden

Grab an old water bottle from a recycle bin and start a water bottle garden!

Of course, the best way to reduce plastic waste is to skip buying things in plastic. Unfortunately plastic bottles can feel almost inescapable, can’t they? I see them lying in the road or peeking out of recycle bins all the time, even though I try to avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles for myself. Next time you run across an empty plastic bottle, don’t get glum. Get crafty!

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Our sister site Sustainablog came across an awesome kit that you can use to turn old plastic bottles into a miniature hydroponic water bottle garden! It’s called the Petomato, and they offer quite a few herbs, fruits, and veggies that you can grow right in an old water bottle.

Get the deets on the Petomato from Sustainablog’s Jeff McIntire-Strasburg below!

[repostus]DIY Hydroponics, Straight from Your Recycling Bin (via sustainablog)

One of the fun aspects of container gardening involves finding unique, even weird, containers that work well for the vegetables you want to grow. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s at least part of the appeal of products like the Topsy-Turvy. So, if…

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