Spotted: Make a Vintage Camera Lamp

Spotted: Make a Vintage Camera Lamp

Want to create one-of-a-kind upcycled lighting? Try making a vintage camera lamp!

When this vintage camera lamp came across my Facebook newsfeed, my jaw dropped. I immediately clicked over to see the genius of a woman who created it — Carrie from Lovely Etc. She graciously gives us a step-by-step tutorial (with pictures) on how to take an awesome vintage camera and turn it into an even more awesome camera lamp!

Excuse me as I scour the internet, garage sales, thrift stores, and antique stores to find a camera that I can upcycle! Can’t you see this in a photographer’s studio, a retro or vintage room, or even in a fun craft room? My head is spinning with ideas, guys!

To make your own vintage camera lamp, you will need:

  • a vintage camera with a flash
  • a keyless socket
  • a candelabra base switch cord
  • a nightlight bulb
  • scissors
  • electrical tape
  • a small screwdriver

Are you ready to make your own vintage camera lamp? Click here for the incredible tutorial!


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