Spotted: DIY Food Wrap

DIY Food Wrap

Need to pack a sandwich or some snacks for your kiddo? Make a DIY food wrap, and kick plastic baggies to the curb.

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that finding food-safe fabric for snack bags is a hot topic. Most water-resistant fabric is coated in plastic. No, thank you! Connie at Bird & Seed uses an alternative method to make her DIY food wrap water-resistant: she coats it in beeswax.

I asked Connie if she thought that candelilla wax would work in place of beeswax, but she wasn’t sure. Candelilla wax is a bit softer than beeswax, so it’s hard to say if it would do the trick in this situation. Any vegan crafters out there want to give it a go? Let us know how it works out for you!

If you want to make your own DIY food wrap, here’s what you need:

  • fabric
  • pinking shears
  • parchment paper
  • iron
  • grated beeswax (or a vegan wax alternative, if you want to experiment!)

Ready to make your own? Click here for the tutorial!

3 thoughts on “Spotted: DIY Food Wrap”

  1. I cannot get the instructions for the diy food wrap when I click on the tutorial link. All I get is a site for ordering various types of bird seed. Can you give me another site link please?

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