DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea: Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Card Holder

Handmade Father's Day Gifts

Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Card Holder for Fathers Day

Well, tomorrow is June 1st and you know what that means–Father’s Day is right around the corner! Is your dad just too hard to shop for? Most of the time, we get my dad a gift card because we’re just not sure what to get him. I know that sounds boring, but gift cards don’t have to be boring! I saw this paper tool box pin on pinterest this week and thought, “I bet I could make one of those to hold a gift card!” Dress up your gift card with this adorable eco-friendly tool box gift card holder!

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DIY Father’s Day Gift Card Toolbox

What You Will Need:

1. A small box

Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Card Holder

2. Hot glue/hot glue gun

3. Spray paint. I used the same spray paint I used in my How To: Transform Classic Christmas “Candles” post. If you can, opt for a low VOC spray paint— it’s more eco-friendly!

4. Scissors

5. A magazine. This magazine was used in my How To: Paint Chip Magnets tutorial, How To: Make a Decorative Bird’s Nest for Spring tutorial, and the How To: Recycled Rosettes tutorial– so ask for those old magazines from friends and family!

6. Sand paper

How To Do It:

1. Hot glue the open end of your box together. For my box, I used tape, but I feel like hot gluing it would look better in the long run (especially after you spray paint it).

2. Mark a straight line across your box. Then, cut on the line. Don’t cut the back part of your box. The top piece will become the lid of your tool box. (Side note: Make sure you take the time to cut a straight line. I got ahead of myself and then my line looked pretty crooked. It might also work better to use a box cutter, but be careful!)

Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Card Holder

3. My box was very shiny, so I gave it a light sand with sand paper before spray painting it.

4. Spray paint your box. Again, use a low VOC spray paint if you can!

5. Then, I looked through an old magazine for the color black and the color silver. When I found a patch of black on one page, I cut a handle out. When I found a patch of silver, I cut the latches of the tool box out.

6. Hot glue your handle and latches to your tool box. In order for the handle to stand up on top of the tool box, I folded small flaps at the bottom of the the handle like so:

Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Card Holder

When you hot glue the handle onto the top of your box, you will only put hot glue on the flaps at the bottom. Then, you’re done!

Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Card Holder

Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Card Holder

Once everything is dry, put your gift card of choice into your “tool box.” Now you’re ready to give your cute little tool box to your dad!

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