Tutorial: How to Freezer Paper Stencil (or Fake Silk Screen) a Necktie

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A Tie Painted with the Freezer Paper Stencil TechniqueSilk screened neckties were all over the indie craft fair circuit this year, and I was soooo jealous. Every indie craft fair I attended, there were tables and tables of gorgeous thrifted silk ties, printed with awesome images, priced completely fairly and yet well out of my budget.

I’d have ponied up the cash anyway if my guy actually wore neckties to work, but he doesn’t. He had to go and dig through his closet to come up with a dress shirt to wear to model the necktie in this photo, and when he finally found a dress shirt it didn’t even fit well anymore, it had been so long since he’d worn it.

And so when Christmas came along this year, and I looked at my little D.I.Y. Christmas list and saw the names of my brother-in-law and my seventeen-year-old boy cousin, I didn’t sigh in frustration and spend weeks wracking my brain for ideas the way that I usually do. Instead I thought, “Ooooooh, silk screened neckties!”

Of course, I don’t actually own any of the tools or any of the knowledge for screen printing a necktie, and while I’d love to learn (and accumulate more craft stuff), six days before Christmas didn’t seem like quite the time for the acquisition of new skills.

That’s why I cheated when I made this necktie. And I’m going to show you how to cheat and fake silk screen a necktie, too.

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