DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea: A Recycled “Coupon Book”

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea: A Recycled "Coupon Book"

Back in the day, I would make a “coupon book” for my parents full of free hugs and chores that I disliked. I decided to put an eco-friendly and personalized spin to my average coupon book. Here’s how you (or your children) can make one, too!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled paper. I used book pages, but you could use sheet music, junk mail envelopes, reclaimed childrens wallpaper etc, too.

2. Crayons

3. Black marker

4. A ruler

5. Scissors

6. A hole punch and twine or stapler

How To Do It:

1. With a ruler, measure and cut your recycled paper into small rectangles.

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea: A Recycled "Coupon Book"

2. On the first rectangle, make a cover for your coupon book. Mine looked like this:

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea: A Recycled "Coupon Book"

3. On the other rectangles, draw a “perforated edge” with your black marker to make it look like a coupon.

4. Then, add a description to each rectangle. For example, I wrote mow the grass, free car wash, take out the trash, free hug, clean the dishes, movie night with mom, and make dinner. Personalize it for your Dad, though, or ask your children to think of different chores they could do for their Dad!

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea: A Recycled "Coupon Book"

5. Once you’re finished making all of your coupons, put them together to form a book. If you have a stapler, this will be super easy for you–simply staple one side of the coupons together. If you don’t have a stapler, you can punch holes in one side and use twine to tie it all together. If you can, use hemp twine!

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea: A Recycled "Coupon Book"

What dad wouldn’t want a coupon book? Plus, it’s a great way for kids to personalize their gift and feel like they were a part of making it. Now you can put your coupon book inside an Eco-Friendly Tool Box Gift Holder!

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