Two Dozen Recycled Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Recycled Crafts for Valentine's Day: Valentine Mailbox Craft

Recycled Crafts for Valentine's Day: Valentine Mailbox Craft

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a time to spend money or buy a bunch of new junk–not when you can use your own junk to make all of these awesome things!

1. bee valentine mailboxOatmeal containers are a really popular choice for making valentine mailboxes.

2. button heart hair pinWear something festive AND upcycled!

3. cardboard wreathHere’s an easy way to add a pop of holiday color to your front door.

4. cork heartThis is what you do with all of those wine corks that you’ve been hoarding!

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts5. “cute as a button” valentinesYou guessed it–this valentine upcycles old buttons!

6. fabric envelopesUse up some of your fabric stash to make these re-usable envelopes.

7. heart-shaped dessert toppersServing a special Valentine’s Day dessert? Put on these upcycled Valentine’s Day dessert toppers!

8. heart stampsRescue one cork from the cork heart project to make this stamp.

9. heart streamersValentine’s Day is all about hearts! Deck out your whole house with these streamers made from upcycled papers.

10. heart thumprint platterThrift any kind of white dishware to upcycle into this sweet gift.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: Neckwarmer11. hidden heart neckwarmerUpcycle an old sweater into this comfy, romantic neckwarmer.

12. oatmeal container gift boxUse this to package something special for your valentine, or as a valentine mailbox for a younger kid.

13. origami heartsThese hearts make quick valentines for a whole classroom!

14. painted Mason jarsJust use water-based paint, for easier clean-up and to make the project more eco-friendly.

15. recycled cardboard valentine mailboxMy kids LOVE this valentine mailbox, because it looks like a real mailbox.

10 Recycled Valentine Decorations16. picture frame wreathDid you know that it is this easy to make a wreath?

17. playing card wreathSort out all of the red cards to make this wreath extra-festive.

18. puzzle piece valentineThis is a great way to upcycle those puzzles with missing pieces.

19. shampoo bottle mailboxHere’s a cute and easy way to leave something special on someone’s door.

20. suncatcherUpcycle posterboard or other white cardboard to make this craft even easier.

Recycled Valentine's Day Crafts21. toilet paper tube valentineHide a special treat inside this valentine.

22. toilet paper tube valentine creatureUse more cardboard instead of the foam that the tutorial calls for.

23. valentine monster mailboxHere’s a fun mailbox for the kid who’s not into hearts.

24. “you hold the keys to my heart” artPut something cute into that gross old Goodwill frame!

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