DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: Neckwarmer with a Hidden Heart

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: Neckwarmer

valentines heart neckwarmer

My husband takes the train to work, and when the temperatures drop below freezing, that is not always the most pleasant walk. Not only is the cold tough on your body, but have you noticed that it’s hard to catch your breath when the air is chilly? Enter the neckwarmer! He can push it down, and it looks like a scarf, but on his walk he can pull it up around his face to warm the air a bit as he breathes and make his walk a bit nicer.

The thing about crafting for dudes is that it’s hard to resist my inner urge to fancy things up with hearts and flowers and whatnot. Plus, since this is a Valentine’s day gift for him, I wanted it to have a little bit of romance! My solution was to tuck a secret little heart inside the neckwarmer, so I can be mushy without treading on this project’s manliness. Here’s how to make your very own!


  • Thrift store sweater or one you aren’t wearing anymore, cut to two 13″x9″ pieces.Β  Cut your piece so the bottom hem of the sweater is intact, like this:

cutting your sweater

  • Sewing machine, thread, and pins
  • Pinking shears
  • Small piece of scrap fabric, cut to 2 1/2″ square with your pinking shears
  • Recycled felt or more scrap fabric


1. Take that cut out piece of sweater, and lay one on top of the other, right sides in. Pin it in place.

2. Sew up the two long sides, leaving the top and bottom open, so you basically have a fabric tube. You’ll use a 1/4″ to 1/2″ inseam here.

3. The bottom of the sweater is the top of your neckwarmer, so the final unfinished edge is the bottom of your neckwarmer. Fold over the unfinished bottom edge by 1/2″. Press, then stitch around that seam with a zig zag stitch to secure the hem. Flip it right side out and press one more time to set the stitches.

bottom seam

4. It’s time to make your label! Cut a heart out that’s slightly smaller than the pinked square, pin it onto the right side of the square, and stitch around the perimeter to secure it in place. I also wrote “Love, Love, Love” using a fine-tipped Sharpie on mine. You can embroider, paint, write, or screen any sweet sentiment you want onto your label!

making heart tag

5. Add the tag to your neckwarmer. Pin it inside of the neckwarmer where you want it (I went about 1/3 of the way down, so it’s nice and hidden), then use your machine and thread that matches the color of your neckwarmer to stitch up each side. Press one more time, and you’re ready to gift!

finished neckwarmerNo one needs to know that there’s a lovey dovey heart inside this neckwarmer except for you and your sweetie!

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    what size sweater did you use, and how were you sure that it’d fit over his head and not look like it was choking him?

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