How-to: Scrabble Drink Coaster

Scrabble coasters
Did your P go under the sofa? Lose your H over a heated word debate? Do you have a Scrabble game sitting around that’s missing more than one letter tile? Well I have the perfect tutorial for you!

Recycle those Scrabble tiles and make clever and quirky coasters. A set would make a great Father’s day or house warming gift.


  • 16 Scrabble tiles (makes one coaster)
  • Xacto or Utility Knife
  • Ruler
  • E-6000 Gun
  • 4” x 4” piece of thin cork that can be cut with an Xacto Knife*
  • Paper towel

*Note: I used Project Cork I purchased at a Joann’s Store however you can also find it on Amazon. If you use this cork you want to unroll it and sit it under a heavy book so to remove the curl. Plus if it is very thin you might want to double it up.

Here’s how to make your Scrabble coasters:

The coaster will be four tiles wide and four tiles high. Take your Scrabble tiles and figure out what letters you would like to use. I choose to use four 4-letter words that have something to do with beverages. Here are some suggestions:

  • Beer, Brew, Hops, Pint
  • Stir, Lime, Iced, Salt
  • Wine, Pour, Vine, Cork
  • Java, Shot, Bean, Teas
  1. Next, lightly sand the back of all the tiles so the glue has a stronger hold.
  2. Using the E-6000 (in a well ventilated area), put an even layer of glue on the back side of the first tile. Glue it to the upper right hand corner of the cork making sure the top and right edge is flush with the cork.
  3. Take the glue and run it along the right side of the tile you just placed. Be sure not to use too much.
  4. Glue the back of the second tile and place the it to the right of the first. Squeeze the tiles tightly together. If the glue oozes out the top or sides wipe it off carefully with a paper towel.
  5. Glue the remaining tiles in place, remember to place a bead of glue between the edges of the tiles that are adjacent to each other.
  6. Let the tiles dry overnight.
  7. Trim off the edges of the cork and pour yourself a drink!

Written by Kilduff Kolleen

I’m a lifelong crafter with many different interests. My latest obsession is making accessories for women's hair and making flowers from a variety of recycled and repurposed materials. If it is shiny, feathery or sparkly I love it! I also carry around a pocket camera to take pictures of items, scenery, signs, or anything else that I find inspiring.

I enjoy creating new things and sharing how to make my creations with others on my blog (


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