Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate

Best of 2015

Spotted: A DIY Disco Ball Made from Old CDs

Remember CDs? Those shiny discs feel as outdated as microfiche and ditto machines, don’t they? If you’ve still got some CDs in your stash, turn them into a super awesome DIY disco ball!

Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate: Card Catalogue Photo Drawer

We needed a way to store and display our family photos.

We own an antique card catalogue.

We combined the two, and came up with a card catalogue photo drawer, an accessible, out-of-the-way, organized, dust-free way to store photos.

Craft Knife

DIY Home + Garden: Comic Book Wallpaper

Check out my small wall makeover that I did in one afternoon with nothing but comic books and Mod Podge. It adds a LOT of personality to a little bit of square footage!

Tutorial + How-to: Upcycled Glass Jar and Tissue Paper Luminaries

Gently glowing, flickering luminaries are a beautiful sight in the evening.

They’re also an excellent, easy kid’s craft. Using any old glass jar as a base, kids will LOVE pasting colorful tissue paper squares to make pretty pictures, and they’ll be thrilled to see how gorgeous their creations look that night, with a lit candle inside to start the magic.

20 DIY Drawer Knob Makeovers

DIY Home Decor: Turn a Wooden Spool into a Drawer Knob

A few weeks ago, I created an adorable pumpkin from a wooden spool. For whatever reason, the hole in the spool made me say to myself, “Self, you could turn this into a drawer knob!” I’m all about DIY home decor, so that’s exactly what I did!

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