Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate: 50 DIY Map Projects for Your Home

Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate: 50 DIY Map Projects for Your HomeDo you have any maps in your craft stash? You can reduce, reuse, redecorate with these incredible 50 DIY map projects!

With all of the awesome technology we have today, maps seem to be a thing of the past. While we won’t be using maps to get us from point A to point B, we can definitely recycle them into awesome projects for our home! Grab your maps from your craft stash or find some at your local thrift store, and check out these incredible DIY map projects that are sure to inspire you:

1. Map lampshade

2. Make map bunting — if you can, use hemp twine!

3. Make your own map shoes

4. DIY map dining room chairs

5. Make map paper chains

6. Vintage map decoupaged pots

7. Map gift wrap

8. Use maps to line your dresser drawers — just switch out the sheet music with maps

9. Create a map topped table

10. Make a map wall

11. DIY map wallet

12. Cover thrifted picture frames with maps

13. Cut up a map and then frame the pieces

14. Glue a map to an old window

15. DIY map coasters

16. Make a map Altoids tin

17. DIY wood pallet map

18. Add a map to the back of a vintage clock

19. Turn a large map into a TV frame

20. DIY map pendant light

21. Recycled road map cork board

22. Map covered buffet

23. Map wall paper

24. Update old birdhouses with maps

25. Vintage map wooden blocks

26. Make map paper beads

27. Woven map basket

28. Line a suitcase with vintage maps

29. Map and burlap soup can pencil holders

30. Map page roses

31. DIY map feathers

32. Map jar lanterns

33. DIY map wreath

34. How to make a map gift bow

35. Jenga block and map key chain

36. Fish scale map art — use eco-friendly scrapbook paper, if possible.

37. Upcycled map jewelry tray

38. Mod Podge map bracelets

39. “Home Sweet Home” map art — again, use eco-friendly scrapbook paper, if you can.

40. How to make envelopes from maps

41. DIY map tree

42. Use maps to mat your photos

43. Thrifted map cabinet

44. DIY map clock

45. Map covered shoe boxes

46. DIY origami globe garlands

47. Make a map tray

48. Half marble map magnets

49. Create a map gift bag

50. Vintage map box

Which map project is your favorite? Do you have any DIY map projects? Share them with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!

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